My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


5. is it

Kaitlyns pov

I wake the next morning and luke is fast asleep, I don't want to wake him, so I get up and go have a shower,

"Kaitlyn" I hear luke yell

"I'm in here come in"

Luke slowly opens the door

"How's my beautiful girl today"

"Sore but I'm ok"

He goes to leave the room

"Hey luke"


"Aren't you forgetting something" I say smirking

He walks over to the shower and gives me a kiss and I splash him with water, and tell him to jump in,

" I love you luke"

"I love you kaitlyn"

I kiss him and he deepens the kiss, I break away breathless,

"Wash my hair" I ask him with puppy dog eyes

"How can I say no to that face" we giggled

Hmm it's time to get out as much as I love the hot water flowing over me, I'm turning into a prune, I get out and throw luke a towel and he just stands there with a smile on his face, the way his eyes light up when he smiles is just breath taking,

I head to my room to get changed, I slip on my bra and pants then luke walks in and grabs me

"Oi I'm trying to get changed" I say as I wiggle around in his arms

He picks me up, sits on the bed and sits me on his lap and I kiss him on the cheek I cuddle my head into his neck,

"I could have lost you the other day"

"I know but you didn't, I'm still here" I say as I turn his face to mine, seeing he had tears in his eyes

"Luke it's ok, I have a Guardian angel looking after me, I'm ok"

He just looks at me, so I kiss him and he deepens the kiss, and we get lost in each other,

I hear the front door open

"Shit luke get up, Rosie's here"

"Katie, luke" I hear Rosie yell

I quickly slip my shorts and my Rolling Stones too on and head out, luke following with just his trousers on, god he looks good topless,

"Rosie" I hug her tight

" hey aren't you suppose to be resting" I hear calum say as he walks through the door

"Oh she's has been" luke say as he wraps his arms around my waist

"I was just about to make some food, you guys want some"

"Yes" cal and ash yell together

"No thanks we are just calling in to see if you were ok, we're going away for two nights, see you guys when we get back" Michael says hugging me and luke

"Bye, have fun" I say as Rosie hugs me tight

I head to the kitchen and start cooking while luke, cal and ash watch ninja turtles,

"Hey guys foods ready" I yell and the guys quickly jump off the couch

"So there's muffins, bacon , scrambled eggs, and noodle quiche"

The guys must like it because they scoff it down,

"Hey luke she a keeper" cal said smiling like a goose

"I know that's why I love her" he says as he kisses my hand

"How cute, you guys are at the I love you stage, happy moment" ash say shoving his face with a muffin

They finish their food and go back to watch ninja turtles, I've finished clean so I go join them, ninja turtles is finished so they decide to put on a scary movie, movies don't scare me only ones with clowns in it, they put on annabelle, we are all cuddled up in the couch, I'm cuddled into luke, ash is laying on me and cal is laying on luke as well,

We are watching the movie and cal jumps

"Oh cal, that wasn't scary" I say to him being sarcastic

"I'm not scared" he snaps back

We all just laugh at him....

Luke's pov

"Look we have two kids already" I whisper in Katie's ear

She just giggles

My phone buzzes and so does cal and ashes, it's a text from our manager saying we have landed a tour of Australia and New Zealand,

"Guess we're going on tour" I say as the guys jump up

This is great, I can't beleive we are going on tour,

"We are touring with one direction" ash says all excited

I kiss kaitlyn but she gets up and walks to her room,

"I have to go tell the family" cal says as he gets up

"Me too, bye luke say good bye to Katie for us" ash waves as they walk out the door

I go and find Katie, she's laying on her bed

"Hey you" I say sitting next to her

"Hi, congratulations" she says sounding like she's going to cry

"Thanks babe, don't be upset I'm not leaving you here"

"Long distance realationships never work" she says as a tear runs down her cheek

"Wait no your comming on tour with us, I want my girlfriend there with me" I cuddle in to her

"I'd just get in the way" she snaps

"Your either comming or I'm not going" I snap back

" your going luke" she snaps again

"Great then it's settled your comming with me" I say kissing her cheek

She nods in approval, she knows she's not going to win this one,

"We leave in a week" I say

"A week" she turns to face me

I kiss her and she deepens the kiss

"Yes a week" I say as I kiss her again....,,,,,

Update comming soon.....

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