My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


11. broken down

Luke's pov

So we have broken down, we decide to okay a game of soccer while we wait for the driver to fix it, kaitlyn is watching from the side I throw my top at her,

"Little shit" she says joking

"Oh you love me" I say

"You wish baby" she says standing up

"Oh I know you do" I say back

" if it's alright can I go into the studio" she asks

"Of course" I say

Returning to the game.......

Kaitlyns pov

I head into the studio and start messing around writing down lyrics, singing

"Honestly what you do to me

I'm living My fantasy

You make me believe

I can do anything

When your next to me"

"That was amazing" luke says shutting the door

"Thanks babe, trying to write a duet" I say giving him a kiss as he sits next to me

"Can I sing with you" he asks

"Of course, this is all I've got for now" I say handing him my lyrics

We start singing

"Honestly what you do to me

I'm living My fantasy

You make me believe

I can do anything

When your next to me

I can shoot for the stars

You started a fire in my heart

This is our burning love"

"I love it" he says kissing me

"It's alright, you could do better" I reply

"No it's good, maybe we should record it one day and put it in YouTube" he says standing up

"Yeah sure but the guys have to be involved somehow" I say standing up

"Sure" he says grabbing my behind

"Wait are we moving" I ask

"Yes the bus is fixed" he says hugging me

"Well in going to go lay down, do you want to join" I say walking out the door

"Yes I'll be there in a minute" he says walking past me

I hop in my bunk and snuggle in, about five minutes later I feel two arms wrap around me I look round and it's Luke I cuddle into him

"What took you so long" I say

"Just talking to the boys about something" he says kissing my head

"About" I question

"You'll find out soon" he says pulling my mouth to his and kissing me

"Am I going to like it" I ask

"I hope so" he says playing with my hand

I kiss his chest and snuggle in and close my eyes and drift off.....

Luke's pov

It's a big step, and I know we haven't been dating that long but, I feel good about this, the guys are on my side.....

Kaitlyns pov

Hmmm I love it here, I've been to Queensland a couple of times before I love it, the guys are about to go on for their show I havent seen luke since sound check this after noon, I wonder what he's been doing the guys have been distracting me,

"Hey babe" luke says kissing me

"Where we're you" I say kissing him back

"Oh sorry babe we're on" he say smirking running on stage

I give him a death stare

They are playing kiss me kiss me it's one of my favourite songs, the stop playing, a video starts playing on the big screen, video of me and luke, mikey has taken Luke's guitar from him calum had come and grabbed my hand leading me on stage and pushes me towards luke,

"Luke what's going on" I ask

" well kaitlyn, I have fallen completely in love with you I've been thinking and I don't want to loose you, I love your smile your eyes, your laugh, you make me feel alive and I don't know what I would do if you weren't here" he pauses and gets down on one knee

"Kaitlyn would you make me the happiest guy alive, will you marry me" he says and I start to tear up

"Yes,omg yes" I say and he picks me up and kisses me

I start crying

The crowd cheers, the guys come over and hug us

I kiss luke and walk off stage so they can continue their show...

"Congratulations" niall says hugging me

"Thank you" I say wiping my tears away

Harry, Liam and Louis come over and hug me,

The boys have finished their set and they run off stage, luke runs grabs me and kisses me hard I kiss back,

"Hmm we should get engaged more often" I say catching my breathe

"I love you" he says kissing me again

"I love you too" I say as he let's me go

"Now let's go I booked us a hotel room" he says grabbing my hand

I follow luke out the door and to the car and we head..

We have arrived at the hotel and go straight up to our room,

"I don't have any clothes here" I say sitting on the bed

"Already got you some in the wardrobe" he smirks

"Ok, thank you" I say kissing him

"You've made me so happy" he says kissing my neck

"I should be saying that, I love you" I say taking Luke's top off him

"I love you" he say taking my top off

We get lost I each other.......

More soon :).... Xx

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