My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


9. back for now

Kaitlyns pov

We are back in Sydney, we arrived late last night, we are going on a boat today with the 1D guys just to relax alittle before tonight show, I texted Rosie but she said she had to work and can't come,

"Is Rosie comming" Michael yells

"No sorry mikey she has to work, she said she will come to the show tonight tho" I yell back

"Hey babe you ready to go" luke yells

"Just a min"

I quickly get changed into my bikini and I slip some Shorts and a see through top on and put my hair up in a messy bun grab my sunnies and I'm ready.

We all pile on the boat,

The boat starts to move,(yeah I'm alittle scared)

"Hey Katie you ok" niall yells

I give him the thumbs up, the boat comes to a stop, we have stoped in a nice quiet stop with only a couple of boats around, it's nice, luke has dissapeared with niall,

"Hey babe come sit" luke says suprising me

He's got his top off and a cap on flattening his hair, I've never seen luke in a cap before I think he just got hotter,

"Fuck" I say just staring at him with my mouth open

"Swearing now are we" he says grabbing my face to kiss me

"It's just, can you get any hotter" I say running my hand down his back

He just smiles and I kiss him, he deepens the kiss

"Oi you two get out of it" ashton says picking me up

Calum and harry grab luke, the throw us off the boat, I scream

"Ashton" I yell

They all jump in splashing, luke swims over to me

"You ok baby" he says kissing my head

I nod and kiss him back,

"Hey where's mikey" I ask him

"I don't know he was in the cabbin, when I came out to you, he was staring at his phone"

"I'll go find him" I say and swim away from luke

I climb up the ladder and back onto the boat and wonder into the cabbin, mikey is just sitting there staring at his phone,

"Hey mikey" I say sitting next to him

"Hey" he looks up

"You know she's at work, and she doesn't take her phone in with her, she comming tonight, now come" I pull him up off the couch

"Fine, I hope she comes tonight" he says opening the door

Michael goes and stands on the edge and I push him in,

"Sorry mikey" I say giggling

I go and lay down on one of the banana lounges, I was laying there for about 10 minutes when a shadow blocks my sun, it's luke he lays down on his belly in between my legs his head on my belly,

"Hmmm" he hums and I run my fingers through his hair

"Is my baby ok" I ask

"Hmmm yes" he says kisses my belly and lays his head back down

I play with his hair massaging his head,

"Hmmm I love you" he mumbles

"I love you baby"

We lay the for awhile, I think luke has drifted off to sleep,

"Hey guys you hungry" niall say coming out of the cabbin

"Yeah, I'll wake him and we will be in, in a minute" I say pointing at luke

Niall disappears back into the cabbin,

"Baby, wake up" I say poking his face


"Wake up baby, let's go eat" I rub his head

"Eat" he said stretching out, his hair tickles my belly

"I can't move until you get up" I say as I pull his hair

"Fine, here" he say as he stands up and holds out his hands I grab them and he helps me up but then he picks me up carrying me into the cabbin sitting me on his lap while we eat.....

We finish lunch and head back to land...........

Luke's pov

We are back on land the guys are getting in the car heading back to the buses but me and kaitlyn sneak away,

"Where are we going luke" I say as he pulls me away from the cars

"Home" he says

"But don't you have sound check"

"Not for another hour" he says kissing me

We arrive at the appartment and I pick kaitlyn up and kiss her and push her up against the wall,

"So this is what you had planned" she says kissing me back

I just smile and nod, I kiss her long and hard,

"Bedroom" she whispers

We head in the bedroom I place her on the bed, taking my top off and hers, kiss her up and down and we get lost in each other.......

"Luke get up and dressed, sound check, you don't want to be late" she say as she throws my pants at me,

"Okay boss" I say as I grab her

I kiss her neck

"Luke" she snaps

"Fine,but we're comming back here later" I say as I put my clothes back on,

We have arrived back at the buses and the arena and head inside where the guys are waiting,

"Where have you been" ash yells from the stage

"We had something to take care of" I reply

"Kaitlyn come sit" niall yells

"I'll be over there you go do your thing babe" Katie says giving me a quick kiss

And I slap her on the butt making her yelp and blush.......

Kaitlyns pov

Playful luke is fun, he's on stage doing his thing, I just smile and watch, he's so perfect the way he gets lost in the music, his little dance how he bites his lip ring......

"Katie, Katie" niall says waving his hand in front of my face

"Yes niall" I reply

"Your daydreaming arent you" hey says nudging me

"Just thinking, that's all, what did you want"

"We were thinking you could come sing with us tonight"

"What, no you don't want me in front of all them people" I reply

"You'll be fine, we could do story of my life and midnight memories" Liam says

"C'mon" harry nudges me

"You'll be fine I'll be right by your side, we all will" niall says

"Okay,fine I'll do it, but don't tell luke" I agree

I am so nervous.......

Luke's pov

We have finished our set and have ran off stage, kaitlyn is not there I look over and she on the other side of the stage with the 1D guys, she waves at me and gives me a signal to stay where i am, she runs on stage with the boys,

"How's everyone doing tonight" harry yells

"We have a special guest she's going to be singing two songs with us" niall yells

"Say hello to kaitlyn, now she's alittle nervous so make her feel welcome" Liam yells

They start playing story of my life, my girl can sing, I can tell she's nervous but she's doing a great job, their now onto midnight memories she know how to hide her nerves, they finish singing,

"Everybody say goodbye to kaitlyn" Louis yells

"You did great, didn't she do great everybody" niall yells

The crowd screams in agreement, and kaitlyn runs off into my arms and kisses me

"Why didn't you tell me" I whisper

"I wanted to suprise you" she replies

"You were great" I say and kiss her

"C'mon we have some where to be" she says dragging me along

"What about the guys"

"Oh yeah before we leave I have something for Michael"

"What is it" she pulls out a envelope

We go to the bus where the guys are hanging out

"Hey mikey" kaitlyn says

"Yeah" he replies

"This is for you it's from Rosie" she says handing him the envelope

Mikey opens the envelope and reads the note,

"She wants to meet tomorrow" he says

"Okay we're off, see you guys later" kaitlyn says getting up

"Wait where are you going" ash asks

"Appartment" kaitlyn replies

I shrug my shoulders as Katie drags me out the door......

Kaitlyns pov

I drag luke into the appartment and kiss him

"C'mon" I say pulling him up the hall

"I like the way you think" he says picking me up and slapping me on the butt

"Hey"I yelp

He slowly puts me down and kisses me I rip off his top and undo his jeans, I take my top off and throw it on the floor and kiss him, we get lost in each other......

"I love you" he says catching his breath

"Hmm I love you too" I kiss his chest

We drift off...........

Next update soon :).......xx

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