My holiday romance (maybe its love)

Kaitlyn is a just a normal teenage girl, she is holidaying in Sydney, when she runs into someone she's always wanted......does she end up staying


10. argh

Michaels pov

I'm off to see Rosie, I've missed her,

"Hey Rosie" I say and hug her

"Hey mikey" she says pushing me off

"You look good,"

" mikey,we need to talk" she says sitting down

"I'm not going to like this am I" I say as I sit next to her

"Look mikey, I like you but this isn't going to happen I just want to be friends, I am moving to London" she grabs my hand

" London why, what about Katie" I snap

I rip my hand away

"For work, and Katie will be fine she can still stay in my place"

"Have you told her, when are you leaving" I say and stand up

"No I haven't told her not yet, I leave tomorrow"

"Tomorrow" I snap

I say walking for my car,

"Wait where are you going" she yells

"Get in"

She Climbs into the car and I start driving

"Where are you taking me" she says

"To see Rosie, you need to tell her now"

I text luke telling him and kaitlyn to meet us out side the bus,

Kaitlyn pov

Luke just got a text from Michael saying to meet him outside,

"Rosie" I run and hug her

"Hey Katie"

"Are you to back together now" I ask

"Umm no" she replies

"Are you ok" I ask Rosie

"I need to talk to you" she says looking at Michael

We kick ash and cal out of the bus so we can talk,

" Rosie what's up" I say sitting down

"I'm moving"

"What where, when,why" I snap

"I'm moving to London for work, I leave tomorrow" she says

"London, tomorrow but" I say standing up pacing

"Don't be mad, you can still stay at my place it's just I won't be there" she stands up and grabs me and hugs me

"I'm not mad, it's just"

"I know you moved here for me but now you have to come visit me in London, you have luke now and I have been thinking bout this for awhile"

"I'm going to miss you Rosie,please be safe, you sure I can stay in your place" I say hugging her again

"You can stay there, I'm sure luke will come stay with you to keep you company" she says

"I miss you already" a tear escapes my eye

"I have to go, I'm going to miss you too Katie"

"Goodbye, good luck" we start crying

I hug her tight and walk her out of the bus and she heads off.....

I hug luke tight letting out small sobs

"Are you ok babe" luke says kissing me on the head

"Yeah, I'm going to miss her"

"C'mon let's eat"

He drags me on the bus, he hands me a plate of noodles, I'm not that hungry I just sit there in a daze,

"Babe we can always go and visit her someday" luke says rubbing my leg

"I know but living in that house by myself, I don't like staying by myself" I say shoving my noodles away

"I can always come stay with you, move in keep you safe"

"Really" I question

He grabs my hands and looks into my eyes

"Kaitlyn can I pretty please move in with you" he says with a smirk on his face

"Yes, of course you can" I give him a kiss

"Great" he says picking me up and kissing me

"I love you, my little penguin" I say grabbing his cheeks

"I love you" he says kissing my neck

Michaels pov

I dropped Rosie back and said goodbye, I can't beleive she's leaving, i walk on the bus and luke and kaitlyn are having. Make out session the the couch, I clear my throat,

"Mikey" kaitlyn says pushing luke off

"Hey, sorry I interrupted" I say grabbing a drink

"How are you mikey" kaitlyn say while luke is still trying to kiss her

"I'm good, we're going to be friends" I say shaking my head

"Good" she smiles

"Luke why are you so lovey dovey right now" I say

"We have some news" she says and luke just smiles

"Im moving in with kaitlyn, when we finish tour" luke says kissing kaitlyn

"Wow that's great congrats, gives me more mirror time" I reply

"Thanks mikey"

"Ill leave you two to it, good luck with that" I say and point to luke

Kaitlyns pov


"What" he say kissing me

"We should go find the others" I say kissing him back

"Hmmm" he hums

"Are you gonna let me up" I say breaking away

"Maybe" he says kissing my neck


"Fine" he says getting up

He holds out his hands and pulls me to my feet, he grabs my waist and I grab his head and kiss him passionately, I breakaway breathe less

"Let's go" I say leaving him there wanting more

"We're finishing this later" he say as I walk Out the door

"If your good" I joke and he chases after me

He catches me and spins me round

"Luke put me down" I yell

"No, I think I'm going to carry you" he says slapping my behind

"Fine, I'll just hang here"

"Good" he says slapping my behind again

Luke's pov

I'm carring kaitlyn over my shoulder she has given in on making me put her down,

"Hey luke, why the heck is Katie over your shoulder" calum says as we walk in to the arena

"He won't put me down cal" kaitlyn says trying to grab cal

"Oh no you don't" I say walking away from cal

"Cal help me" she yells

"Sorry Katie you'll have to control your horny boyfriend yourself" cal says and I give him a death stare

"It's my workout for the day " I reply

"Didn't you have enough of a workout last night" kaitlyn says joking

"No" I say smacking her behind

She yelps

"Luke can you put be down now"

"Only if you promise one thing"

"What" she says eagerly

"Promise we can go back to the appartment and finish what we started in the bus and I want a long massage"

"I promise , now put me down" she says and I gently put her down giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Thank you" she say as I let her go....,,,

Kaitlyn pov

The guys have finished their last show and me and luke are going to the appartment,

"Come sit" luke says as I walk into the lounge

He's put a movie on

"I thought you wanted to finish our make out session" I say tugging at his chin

"Yes I do" he replies

I kiss him and he deepens the kiss, we stay there for about ten minutes when I stand up and hold out my hand to pull him off the couch,

"Where are we going" he says taking my hand

"You wanted a massage so bedroom, too off please" I say walking up the hall

"You can have my top if I can have yours" he says tugging at the hem of my top

"Not fair but fine" I lift my arms up and he pulls my top off

And I take his,

"Lay on the bed on your belly" I say

He lays down and I sit on top of him and start massaging him,

I give him a kiss on the back of his neck

"Okay turn over" I say standing up on the bed

He turns over and I sit back down,

"I don't think you need these" I say unbuttoning his jeans

"Is that so" he replies before I know it he's flip us over so he is pinning me down and kisses me

"I don't think you need yours in either" he say tugging my shorts off

"Oh really" I say and he kisses me

We get lost in each other........

"We should head back to the bus" I say

"Yeah or we could you know" he says kissing my neck

"Again" I say and he kisses me and we get lost in each other again.........

"Okay now we are going, get up" I say getting up

" can't I catch my breathe first"

"No you can catch it in the car" I say chucking his top at him

We arrive back on the bus, we sneak in I jump in my bunk,

"Goodnight babe" I say

He stands there with puppy dog eyes

"Fine come cuddle me" I say and move over

"I love you babe" he says crawling in

"I love you too" now go to sleep

I give him a kiss and we drift.........

I have woken up the bus is already moving, so I decide to do some cooking, I cook muffins, cookies, and bacon pancakes,

"Hmm something smells good" luke says hugging me from behind

"Sit eat" I say placing the food on the table

"Yes food" cal says running out

"Come eat" I say to Callum as he rushes over

"Mikey, ash come eat before we eat the lot" calum yells

Causing ash and mikey to run out, they quickly sit down and start eating,

"Yum this is good thanks Katie" mikey says

"Yeah thanks Katie" ash says

"My pleasure" I reply

"Everyone say hello to niall" ash says holding up his phone

"Hi niall" we all say together

"Hey niall look what we've got" ash says showing him the food

"Awe food, how'd you get that, where's mine" he says

"Kaitlyn made it, we'll save you some if there's any left" ash says

"You better" niall jokes

I clean up and pack the rest of the food away in the cupboard, the guys have gone into the back studio I stay on the couch watching a movie, the avengers, I love this movie, the bus suddenly comes to a stop,

"What's going on" luke comes out and asks

"I don't know" I reply

"I'll find out" ash says walking towards the door

He comes back in

"We have broken down" he says sitting down

We're about an hour out of Brisbane and we have broke down........

Next update soon :)......xx

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