Seperated But Never Forgot

Two young lovers must fight to be together, go against their family, and open up for everyone to see, but will their time spent away from each other be a gap to big to fill.
Open for ideas and comments!


1. Intro

As Chloe's newly dyed golden locks whipped out behind her, she inhaled the thick salty beach air. Her mind drifting to her old bestfriend. Her stomach exploded with butterflies at the first thought of his shimmering green eyes and how when he said her name it sounded like she belonged with him and only him. She could almost feel the scent of the really strong Lynx, he always used to wear. A frown formed on her own lips, as she remembered she had never said goodbye.

Back in Yorkshire, Liam's thoughts were also on her. He had always wandered where she had disappeared to three years ago. She never even said goodbye. Liam wondered through a local park his mind drifting off to the past. He tugged his hoodie tighter around himself, as a gust of wind whipped at him, blowing his black snapback off his curly dirty blonde hair. Sighing, Liam ran after it, his mind racing as he swore the wind whistled Chloe's name. His dark emerald eyes landed on his hat, caught on a branch of an old oak tree. Smirking, he began to climb up and then across. Just as he grabbed it, a flashback swallowed his thoughts.

*Flashback* (Liam's POV)

As I climbed the old oak tree with Chloe, she raced up above me and laughed, a miraculous sound that rung in my ears. I blinked when she nudged me slightly.

'I wonnnnnnnnn.' she said as she watched me.

'Okay, okay,' I grinned 'So midgets may be a tad faster'. She raised her hand in victory. A question sprang to my head before I could stop myself from saying it.

'Hey Chloe, you ever been kissed?', came leaping out in a jumble of words. She suddenly went quiet. I gulped, hoping she didn't quite hear what I said.

'No...' She mumbled under her breath, her eyes finally meeting mine. I froze, then did something I thought I'd always be too scared to do. I Liam, kissed Chloe. It was warm and lasted barely a minute, me having to tilt up. Honestly, it was the best kiss I ever had and right at tghat moment I realised her lips were the ones I wanted to taste for the rest of my life.

*Flashback over*

Liam smiled a small sad smile. He missed the memories. Assuming he would never feel the sweet warmth of her ips again, he jumped off the tree heading for the direction of his house.


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