Evelyn's Diary From the Titanic

A little girl, Evelyn, writes to her diary about her experince on the Titanic


6. April 12, 1912 12:15 pm

April 12, 1912

12:15 pm

Dear Diary,

                Thus far it has been smooth sailing. It is quite chilly aboard. I enjoy walking around the deck meeting the other passengers. Most have lots of stories to tell. A very nice lady told me about her son who had previously moved to America and was waiting for her. It was a delightful story of hope. It gave me courage that America is truly is a free country. Another person, this one male, told me about his father who had been saving all of his life to send his son to America. There are so many other great stories I wish I could tell you. But, I mustn’t fill the lines before we reached America. The Atlantic is pretty and all so big. One day I’ll be a sailor on this big open sea.  For now I wait to reach the promise land.


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