Evelyn's Diary From the Titanic

A little girl, Evelyn, writes to her diary about her experince on the Titanic


3. April 10, 1912 12:20 pm

April 10, 1912

12:20 am

Dear Diary,

                We are now aboard the wondrous ship. People are scattered about the ship. We are staying in a cabin towards the middle of the boat. Mama says we are second-class. The rich are above us. We meet the captain. His name is Edward John Smith, but he told us to call him Captain Smith. The water sways us, but it is hard to feel through the ship. The Captain had told a concerned woman that the ship is unsinkable.  I heard that he has a very clean safety record.  Papa said he is just glad to be aboard the ship. The crisp water makes up for the loudness of the first class. Mama said not to complain or they will throw you over board.  So, I sit and stay quiet. Clarence is asleep on mama’s lap. I am going to go.

Bye, Evelyn.

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