Evelyn's Diary From the Titanic

A little girl, Evelyn, writes to her diary about her experince on the Titanic


2. April 10, 1912 11:30 am

April 10, 1912

11:30 am

Dear Diary,

                Today we are leaving for New York. We took an automobile to the port. They had to make a new port to fit this massive ship. Mama keeps telling me and Clarence to stay close to her and papa, but with the crowd it is impossible. I have on a beautiful yellow dress and a black hat. Most people are wearing beautiful outfits. Mama says those are the rich ones. Thus far, I have not encountered children. But, papa says that there will be plenty of children aboard. As I sit waiting for the crew to allow passengers on, I wonder why the others are here. We come to travel to a new home Uncle Lawrence has set up. Papa plans to find a new job. Mama plans to find help for Clarence for his arm at this time is rather weak. I must go the crew it yelling.

Talk to you once aboard, Evelyn.

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