Arach: The rot and cure

A decay has spread across the once fruitful lands of Arach. It turns the land into a dry, dead wasteland, taking with it the plants and the land's inhabitants, who die a slow painful death. It is even affecting the waters, turning them oily and rancid.

The remaining clans fight over the untouched land, and the living prey, leaving the dying ground blood stained as the rot spreads.

But there is still hope for the dying planet, the four mages from the Sapphire Peaks had one last prophecy to give before they plummeted into the infected waters below, that seven young dragons will rise to save all of drakind.

But the heroes, are unlikely and hardly heroic or even helpful, they have no idea on how to find a cure for The Rot, some of them don't even want to, but as it seems the future of drakind has been left in their talons.

(Vaguely based of the Wings of Fire series)


1. The Prophecy

One of the sea,

One of the sky,

One who will never learn to fly,

One of the webs tricky but true,

One from the sands will hide from you,

One born of lava and flame,

One to remain untamed,


Of these seven only five shall remain,

But they shall not die in vain,

When the decay is gone,

With the arising dawn,

Rises a weyr to save drakind

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