“You’re…” he smirks then even giggles a bit.

I motion my head for him to continue.

“Just really cool, you look like the type of person who’d enjoy this.”

“I see, I see. Allright, I’ll tag along on your little adventure.”


3. It's Different


      Listening to spoken word was like biting into an ice cream sandwich, everything was packed and sealed to perfection but when you ripped the seams and dug a little deeper you exposed a concoction of bittersweet edibility. Listening to spoken word was like taking your first bite into that ice cream sandwich and having the classic vanilla filling ooze out like a rippling effect, but you wouldn’t mind because the wrapping would catch it before it’d stain your favorite shirt. Listening to spoken word was like biting into an ice cream sandwich and taking that last bite, pondering as to whether you should buy another one because heck, your shirt wasn’t stained so it would be alright, and so you go ahead and buy another one, thus the cycle begins again.


   After the last person showcased their spoken word Ric ran up to the microphone.


“The party doesn’t stop here everyone! Refreshments and small snacks are up and about to your right so don’t be shy. Thanks for coming out here everyone. Have a fantastical day.”

  Jace nudges me in my right arm and cocks his head towards the table filled with snacks. We get up and I follow Harry to where a small line has begun to form at one end of the table.


“Sandwich?” A small ash-blonde girl around my age asks.


“Uh, no thanks. I’ll take the fruit salad cup please.”


  She smiles and nods as she reaches for a red solo cup full of strawberry, apple, banana, and mango slices.


  I mouth a thank you as Jace takes hold of a cup himself then quickly starts to dig in.


“Well someone’s hungry” I joke as he smiles a strawberry, apple, banana, and mango sliced full smile.


“Hey you two” Ric appears from behind the line and places one hand on either side of Jace and I’s shoulder.


“So Cara how did you enjoy our humble little get together?” Ric flashes his blindingly white teeth as I cover my mouth with the back of my hand, allowing the rest of the mango that I had eaten, to be swallowed. "I loved it. It's different."





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