A Forbidden Romance

Two men fall in love but one's in a relationship with a psychotic woman. She tries everything she can to split them apart but real love persists. This series of books documents them in the form of the boyfriend's point of view, witching his boyfriend try to keep the woman at bay.


2. Two

It had been a month since me and duke had had first had sex and we were having the time of our lives. We couldn’t keep our dirty hands off each other. We would make out in our offices until we almost got caught by Clarè which was bad because Duke was technically still in a relationship with her. Then we moved to the science cupboards but Richard caught us naked twice so now we just meet in the car park after dark and at his house when Clarè isn’t there.

I even started wearing shorter shorts just to make it impossible for him to look away from my ass every time he sees me. We don’t just have sex we also snuggle with each other (naked obviously), sometimes I just can’t help it and I let my hands wander down because I know it drives him crazy.

Two weeks ago we were almost outed by a student when he wandered into the science corridor early in the morning. We were almost completely naked, except for socks, when he walked in hoping to squeeze in some extra science study before the end of topic test that day. Being his head of year, Duke offered him £100 to keep his mouth shut. This shady cloak and dagger drama made me even more attracted to his muscular body which resembled that of a god. But I bet not even a god could make me feel the way he makes me feel, the good kind of nervous, happy, overjoyed, orgasmic and important.

Back to a month after I’m in my steaming shower with Duke, completely naked kissing each other softly. I had never kissed another person in that way before, without the intention of sex. I lost my virginity when I was 24 and that was so I could focus on medical school (that’s right med school). The guy was smoking hot, but not muscular meaning he only lasted a few seconds which really pissed me off. Then I had a fling with my boss, rumour got out and before I know it I’m fleeing to Bristol. Now I’m here, in this moment with this man and these emotions welling up inside of my body and I couldn’t believe it.

“This is the man of my dreams”

I thought to myself as he grasped at my body and I clutched at his. We were in the shower for over an hour when he turned it off without losing my lips and we walked; hand in hand to the bedroom not bothering to dry ourselves because we knew there was no point.

He threw me onto the bed and crawled onto me while biting his lip and looking at me directly in the eyes. He leaned in and slowly closed the gap between our lips. Once he had a jolt of electricity sped up my spine and our mouths met in a gentle touch. We had just had sex before but now, now he was about to make love to me. I was so scared that he didn’t feel the same way about me but now I knew for sure that he did.

He deliberately nudged his knees up to my butt so I had no choice but to wrap my legs around his waist. All the while we never broke the kiss, it was long and deep. But once it was over he began to suck and kiss his way down my torso, continuously checking to see if I liked it. I loved it. He stopped at my nipples, which were hard and softly bit them making me let out a moan of pleasure. Once he’d finished there he carried on down and eventually reached my freshly trimmed pubes (I trimmed them in the shower, they were getting a little too bushy) and my penis.

He began licking and sucking it to a rhythm and it made me feel weightless. Grabbing a pillow and his hair I nearly came due to the intense foreplay but I lasted, I was determined to last until the end. I don’t know what it is about this man but he makes me so horny but he also makes me last for such a short amount of time. He reached my hole and he began lightly tracing it with his tongue before poking his tongue inside which made me feel euphoric. But then he began using his fingers one at a time. He eased the first one in looking at my face the whole time because it turned him on, I yelped in pain and pleasure as he twisted another finger inside me. He curled his fingers up and I arched my back in pleasure while letting out a deep, primal moan which motivated him further. He pushed a third in and I couldn’t take it anymore. The perfect mix of pain and pleasure encumbered me and my body quivered with the deep anal orgasm which left my penis untouched. I let out such a loud moan that made the bed vibrate.

Duke looked up at me and smirked while saying in his deep husky voice.

                “Ya like that?”

I couldn’t help but smile as he sat up and pulled me back onto him, my elbows rested by his sides and he led there, knees bent and intertwined with mine. We stayed like this for a few minutes, staring into each other’s eyes, into each other’s souls.

Duke eventually broke the silence by calmly kissing me. He slid his hand to the back of my neck and pulled me in further. I could feel his erection pressing against my butt. It was throbbing, hard. Every kiss created another throb. He sat up and positioned his back against the headboard, his hands under my thighs and me mounting his lap. He looked at me directly in the eyes and slowly lowered me onto his erection. I let out a long breath and kissed him softly and slowly. As he repeatedly raised and lowered me onto him.

After 8 thrusts, while keeping himself inside of me he leaned forward so I was on my back with my legs wrapped around his waist and he was leaning into my neck, nibbling at my ear. Our eyes were closed and with each thrust our breaths turned into small moans in unison. He whispered into my ear.

                “I think I’m falling in love with you”

I wasn’t surprised, we weren’t fucking we were making love. I replied in a breathless voice.

                “Me too”

He looked at me, still thrusting with an enlightened expression filled his face and he smiled into a kiss as his lips touched mine. We climaxed a few minutes after this, and as we lay in each other’s moist arms he leant down and kissed me on my forehead and uttered the words that made my heart skip a beat …

                “I love you”

I hadn’t thought he’d say it but it made my heart throb with joy. I replied confidently.

                “I love you too”

We spooned all night, him the big spoon and me the little one. I couldn’t help but rub my body against his to see how much movement would provoke an erection. It took five movements, his erection was hard against the small of my back. He smiled and whispered in the darkness of the spring evening.

                “You make me crazy”

He said this just before kissing the back of my neck and exhaling softly, sending welcome shivers down my spine. He followed with.

                “Crazy in love with you”

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