A Forbidden Romance

Two men fall in love but one's in a relationship with a psychotic woman. She tries everything she can to split them apart but real love persists. This series of books documents them in the form of the boyfriend's point of view, witching his boyfriend try to keep the woman at bay.


4. Three

It was the morning when I woke up bundled in Duke’s arms. I checked the time and my heart started pounding in my chest when I realised what the time was. It was ten o’clock. We were meant to be at the school by seven.

I leaped up from the cosy cocoon that enclosed me and ran towards the door. Then ran back because in the sheer panic, I forgot to get dressed.

When I came back, Duke was sat up in bed, wiping the sleep away from his eyes and smirking at me. I couldn’t help but notice his toned chest appearing from the loosely placed covers that encased his torso and upper legs. The covers left his muscular calves. He didn’t look worried at all. In fact, he looked amused. Now I was concerned.

                “What’s so funny Himeros?”

As soon as I said this I smiled to myself, admiring my knowledge of ancient Greek Gods. Himeros is the God of sexual desire, and that was the only way I could describe this feeling in my body. He looked confused so I explained to him who he was and his smile crept wider. He stood. The muscles in his thighs flexed as his body rose from the sheets. He walked his way off the bed and over to me while I was struggling to get my shirt on.

He put his hands on my biceps to hold me still. The touch of his skin on mine made a spark of electricity travel through my spine and into my limbs. He leaned in, his chest touched mine making me melt into him. He put his forehead on mine so our noses met and said.

                “Babe … it’s a bank holiday”

He said this like it was biggest secret a man could tell and lowered his head to kiss me. But before he could, the front door opened and a woman called out.

                “Babe, I’m home early …”

Duke freaked. He looked at me wide eyed and said at an almost unhuman speed.

                “Get in the closet”

I looked at him, and waited for him to think of a better place but he didn’t. He just gestured violently at the walk-in closet in the corner. I didn’t hesitate when I ran over to the door and jumped inside just as the woman walked in and kissed him. Who was this woman? I opened the door slightly to see and I couldn’t believe it. It was Clarè. That shit faced hooligan whose only friends were fictional. She was a geography teacher, and judging by the way he was sticking his tongue down her throat they were together.

It was a short but passionate kiss but it felt like an eternity. I watched the whole time, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t peel my eyes away. Eventually it was over and Duke walked into the kitchen, presumably to make her follow him and give me adequate time to escape. But just before she trailed behind him she looked around the room and locked onto the shirt I was wearing. It wasn’t anything special, just my jumper from when I went to Oxford Med School. She looked suspicious and then I realised … it had my initials embroidered onto it. She scanned the room and saw the crack in the door which I was looking through. I jolted back, expecting to be discovered. Seconds went past, minutes even. But nothing. No shouting. No big discovery. Just the smell of coffee and laughter from the kitchen.

I knew I had to get out of there and in that moment I finally realised the irony that encased me. Me, a gay guy in a closet trying to find a way of getting out without alerting any attention.

I was on the first floor so I could just climb out the window and run to my car, it was late morning so I was counting on no-one seeing me, a half-naked man running down the street in panic.

                ‘Great plan’

I thought to myself as I twisted the chrome handle to the recently installed PVC windows. I leaped out and sprinted down towards my car. In all of the rush I’d forgotten my keys. It was fortunate that I kept a spare stashed under my right, front wheel arch. I grabbed it, accidently scuffing my hand on the tyre and sped up the road towards Duke’s house. As I passed it I saw Clarè stood by the window following me with her eyes full of hatred, she turned and her eyes met with Duke’s and he shoved her face onto hers, not being gentle.

A sigh of relief washed over me when I remembered the way that he’d kissed me the night before. Carefully and gently, taking care with our touch. I knew he loved me not her.

The next day, I was sat in my office directly under science and I could hear Clarè acting flirtatious with Richard. A science teacher whose job title was raising standard leader.

Anyway I took a walk up to the science corridor and locked eyes with Clarè, she raised an eyebrow at me and at that point I knew she had figured out what was going on. I looked over to the student in the middle of the classroom, the one who had caught us on that exact table. He looked sympathetic.

I stopped walking and a look of great sorrow filled my face. I looked at the floor and began my way back to my office to make my way home. I reached the stairs so that I was out of sight from Clarè and I collapsed onto one of the steps. Tears engulfed my eyes and my body shivered uncontrollably. I hated the way she treated Duke. Like he was her play piece and not a human being. I stood up, wiped my tears and composed myself. I couldn’t. I just ran as fast as I could out of the school.

As soon as I reached my car I saw that Duke was sat in the passenger side. He saw my tears and he looked concerned. I jumped into the car, he promptly asked me what had happened. I explained to him everything, the flirting, the concerned student and the uncomfortable science teacher. I told him how she knows about us.

His look turned from concern to utter rage. He said to me as he leaned in for a kiss.

                “Do you really love me?”

I replied immediately while scanning his lips.

                “I love you more than I’ve loved any other person”

He let out a small smile and said.

                “Do you trust me?”

I replied as quickly as before.

                “With my life”

He leaned in and kissed me. In the moment that our lips touched I forgot about everything, Clarè, Richard and even how to breathe. As soon as our lips parted everything came rushing back and I felt breathless.

Before I knew it, Duke had gotten out of my car and ran to his own. Earlier that day we had agreed to stay away from each other so we went to our own houses. But that didn’t stop me from admiring his firmly toned butt as he ran away, I knew how it felt, how it moved and how it tasted. I loved it, but I loved him more.

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