A Forbidden Romance

Two men fall in love but one's in a relationship with a psychotic woman. She tries everything she can to split them apart but real love persists. This series of books documents them in the form of the boyfriend's point of view, witching his boyfriend try to keep the woman at bay.


1. One


It started with a kiss; I was working late one night in my office when he came in and perched himself on the chair beside me. His smile spread over his face like a candle in the darkness, it forces me to smile as well. He leant back in his short shorts and that revealed more than he knew. I knew he had a girl but I couldn’t help but look. It turned me on to see such a masculine man oblivious to the fantasies playing on repeat in my mind.

That’s when it happened, it took me by complete surprise. He lunged forward, pressing his moist lips onto mine. I couldn’t help but melt into him as he slid his hands under my shirt and up my back. All while keeping himself pressed so tightly to me that I couldn’t tell where my body ended and his started. One of his hands wandered up and grabbed my hair. It was my fantasy. That was until he pulled away. He said seconds after while looking directly into my eyes.

                ”I … I’m with Clarè … I can’t…”

After he’d finished his sentence he practically ran out and left me wondering what had just happened. It felt so wrong but so good. A kind of euphoria crept over me. My body was still tingling when I decided to leave. I collected my stuff and walked to my car. I tossed my stuff into the trunk and got in. I turned the engine on and I was startled when I saw a dark figure moving towards my car. I proceeded to leave but the figure jumped in front of me. A loud thud followed by complete silence made me freeze in fear. I got out of my car and checked on the person who I’d hit. It was him. Duke Ford.

He looked up at me with sorrow and said softly while choking down the pain of his broken jaw.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

Whispering I cut him off.

                “Don’t worry … I get used t…”

He cut me off by kissing me firmly on my quivering lips which somehow set them straight and I leant into him, savouring every taste of him. We lay there for what felt like an eternity, in each other’s arms, savouring the moment.

It had been six weeks since our kiss and Duke’s broken jaw was almost completely healed. I had only seen him when all of the staff went to visit him. He said that he’d broken his jaw while playing sport, which was believable due to the fact that he played all kinds of sports in his spare time. It’s what kept that booty of his in perfect shape (firm but soft). We exchanged pleasantries and he smiled at me in the way that made me need a long cold shower.

The next day he came back. It was after hours before he saw me, I was finishing off marking some mock exams when he came into my office and stood in front of me. I stood. Our eyes met for a moment and I was about to speak when he lunged into me, kissing me deeply and pushing me against the wall. Grabbing my body as he pressed himself against me. His mouth wandered and he whispered against my neck.

                “I’ll meet you at my house at 8”

As soon as he said this he left me trembling from his touch, backed to a wall and wanting more.

It was raining heavily when I got to Duke’s house. I walked up to his house and knocked on the door. It opened immediately, almost as if he was right by the door awaiting for my presence. I was fully clothed without a raincoat drenched in water and he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. We eyed each other for a second before he quickly grabbed me inside and pounced upon me, pushing me against a wall he asked.

                “Is this what you want?”

To which I replied quickly.

                “Yeah, I want you”

With these words spoken he lifted me up and made his way to the bedroom. Once there he took off my shirt and began to kiss down my chest. I rolled my head back in pleasure as he hit all of my sweet spots. He came face to face with me and kissed me, first softly then passionately, with dominance. While kissing me he slid off my trousers and began to tease me with his tongue. Making me go crazy, on the verge of the best orgasm of my life he pulled back and stripped us both down. Naked.

We led there, looking into each other’s eyes, enjoying the moment when Duke decided to go down, and down and down on me until he reached my pleasure spot. He licked and he sucked and he blew my world away. I grabbed his hair in an attempt to urge him on but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them hard to my sides. I liked this. It was naughty. I hadn’t been naughty in so long it felt like a whole new experience. Like no other guy, or girl.

Duke grabbed a condom from the dresser drawer and put it on, all the while looking at me directly in the eyes. He leant down on me as he eased his way inside of me, it was the best I’ve ever felt with another man. It wasn’t length, nor girth but something set this man aside from the rest. Technique. But I wouldn’t concern myself with these thoughts now, now I need to focus on this moment, now, with him.

I loved the feeling of him inside of me but I wanted to be inside of him. I pulled his naked, sweaty body towards mine and whispered into his ear.

                “My turn power boy”

This comment unleashed a broad smile upon his face which made me bite my lip in anticipation. He took the condom off and put another packaged one between his teeth and ripped it between mine. He kissed and sucked his way down my torso towards my member and toyed with it. After a minute or two he used his big hands to slide it onto me and coated it in a thick layer of lubricant. He mounted me in one movement and slid me in in one movement. Taking in all the length he could get. In between breathless breaths I panted.

                “You’re good at this”

To which he replied.

                “Yeah, sometimes when I masturbate I pop a salami up there”

I was shocked, I never realised how experimental he was. We lay there, me on my back with Duke’s hands clamping my wrists firmly above my head and him bouncing his way to completion. One of my fantasies about that man came true that night…


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