The thing about life

Why would you take another breath of air? Haven't you already taken enough? Why would you even live in a world as cruel as this? Why not end the pain? In the big picture you don't matter. Not the tinniest bit.
For May life isn't as easy as it is for every one else. But she's still here, she's still fighting. Searching for something to live for. And she think she might have found it...

"Must read for everyone who have ever taught of committing suicide"

"I cried like a little baby, it really makes you think"

"My new favorite book! Can't wait to read more from this author"

"It's so sad, and joyful at the same time"

...Yeah I just quoted myself. Just go with it, it can be our little secret ;)


2. I'm done

This chapter is being written, please wait.

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