The thing about life

Why would you take another breath of air? Haven't you already taken enough? Why would you even live in a world as cruel as this? Why not end the pain? In the big picture you don't matter. Not the tinniest bit.
For May life isn't as easy as it is for every one else. But she's still here, she's still fighting. Searching for something to live for. And she think she might have found it...

"Must read for everyone who have ever taught of committing suicide"

"I cried like a little baby, it really makes you think"

"My new favorite book! Can't wait to read more from this author"

"It's so sad, and joyful at the same time"

...Yeah I just quoted myself. Just go with it, it can be our little secret ;)


1. Epilogue

"Water is the source of all life. Water is life."

That's how my first ever biology class had started. Mr Jones had looked me dead straight in the eye. The class room had reeked of old lunch boxes, and my hair had stuck to my sweaty chin, my whole body burning under the merciless, hot sun, but I had still gotten the chills. It was like an invisible, old man, made of ice, had stood behind me, brushed my spine with his chilly hands, sealing my destiny.

With his last ice cold breath he had disappeared, leaving nothing behind than a mere memory and lingering feeling of panic. Just as quickly as he had come, he had left.

Maybe it was the sun, but I could have sworn that Mr Jones eyes had twinkled with a sadistical shine. Maybe he saw him too.

Mary Janes hand had eagerly shot up in the air, telling what we all were raised to say: that water wasn't life or the source of life, God was. And asking the question we all thought of: if water were life, then how come people drowned every year?

Mr Jones had smiled a smile so bright, that every rotten, brown teeth of his had been visible. Like a kid in a candy shop he lit up, expressing pure joy.

"She created life, she is merciful, but those who doesn't see the value of her gift, she punish by taking their life away. Those who are to stupid, to daring and those who doesn't appreciate her gift are doomed."

He had whispered to our class.

Mr Jones were later fired for that statement. Little Peek, Alabama is a good Christian city, and a none believing public school teacher will immediately get a letter of resignation, plus it didn't really plead his case, that he had a secret, psychiatric condition, that he all those years he had been teaching, had hold hidden from the board.

I think there were something about him ending up in a looney bin home, but I didn't really pay attention, and the episode were soon forgotten.

"Those who doesn't appreciate life she takes back." And that was exactly what she was doing just now. I was drowning, just as I had started living.

But I probably remember wrong, what do I know?

And then the icy water shots me down, Mr. Jones smile embellished in my brain.

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