Every Winchester Has Its Day

After being sucked into the world of the supernatural, Christie Levi joins her father Dean and Uncle Sammy in the hunting of the paranormal, along with the help of a young prophet, on a furry new case. After everything that happened in Utah, Christie is determined to learn all she can, not only about hunting, but her father as well. Why didn’t he come for her when her mother died? How did he find out about her? And what has the mysterious angel, Castiel, been hiding from the both of them? Maybe Dean wasn’t such a crappy father as she had believed…
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Supernatural Fanfiction!
*Sequel to Part Of Your World*


9. Chapter 7.

After they had finished eating and paid for their meal, Christie and Kevin walked outside, towards the Impala, with Sam and Dean following behind them.  As Christie opened the back door for two animals, from across the parking lot, a man dressed in a police uniform closed the door of his patrol car and began to stroll over to them.
"Excuse me, miss?" He asked stepping up to Christie. She looked up at the policeman in surprise and mumbled lightly, "Yes, officer?"
"Are these your dogs?" he questioned.
Christie nodded, "Yes sir,"
"Well, they don't seem to have any collars or identification. It's an Oklahoma state law that all pets must have a collar and tags,"
"Oh, I'm sorry," Christie said looking down at Sam and Dean who sat by her feet, "I wasn't aware," she explained.
"You might want to take care of that," The officer advised.
"Yes sir, we'll do that right away," Christie smiled.
The officer turned away from Christie and began to make his way back to his vehicle. Sam and Dean jumped into the back of the Impala and Christie closed the door behind them before sliding into the front seat.
"We wouldn't want Dean to end up back in the pound again, huh?" Kevin smirked. Dean gave Kevin a low growl, and Christie chuckled lightly.


Christie and Kevin walked through the doors of Petsmart with Sam and Dean following close behind them. Christie grabbed a shopping cart and they made their way towards the aisle with the collars. Christie scanned through the racks of collars until she spotted one that she thought suited Dean. It was a simple brown, leather collar that reminded her of the leather jacket he had been wearing in the memory Castiel showed her.

“Hey Dean,” she said pulling down the collar, “Look,” She knelt down in front of him and fixed the collar so it fit around his neck and Dean wagged his tail approvingly.

Christie looked through the rows of collars and found a dark blue one that she thought would look good on Sam. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a bandana that had a red, plaid pattern on it. She turned and picked it up and tied it around Sam’s neck. She looked over the wall again and found one that read ‘For those about to bark’ with AC⚡️DC written above it.

“Hey Chris,” Kevin chuckled from beside her, “Check this one out,” Kevin held up a red bandana that had written in white letter, the words ‘Boron, Argon, Potassium.’

Christie frowned, “I don’t get it,”

“On the periodic table, the symbol for boron is B, argon is Ar and potassium is K, so it spells out ‘Bark,’” Kevin explained. 

“Oh, okay,” Christie nodded, “You can put it in the cart if you want it,”

“No, thats okay, I’ll pay for it myself,” he told her.

“Okay,” she shrugged.

They brought the items at the front of the store and Christie had tags for Sam and Dean made from the engraving machine near the cash registers.

“We’re running low on money,” Christie mumbled to herself, throwing the bag of items in the backseat of the Impala, “We’ll have to make some more,” she muttered, climbing into the front seat.


Christie and Kevin dropped Sam and Dean off at the motel and Christie drove Kevin and herself to a bar she had spotted earlier called ‘Moe’s.’

“What are we doing here?” Kevin questioned, turning to Christie.

“We need some money,” She said cutting off the engine.

“Little problem,” Kevin muttered, “You’re seventeen,”

“Not according to this,” Christie said pulling her fake ID from her back pocket and handing it to Kevin, “According to that I’m twenty-two,”

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Kevin asked looking at the piece of plastic in his hands.

“I’m positive,” she said snatching the ID from Kevin’s hands.

After entering the bar with no problems, Christie lightly nudged Kevin with her elbow and mumbled softly, “Follow my lead,”

Christie walked up to a bartender and ordered a sweet tea. She took a large gulp of the drink and sauntered over to the pool table with Kevin trailing behind her.

“Hey,” Christie slurred at a group of bikers that stood gathered around the table, “I bet I could kick your ass in a round of pool,” she mumbled, poking one of the bikers in the chest.

“Christie,” Kevin hissed grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him, “What are you doing?”

“Relax babe,” Christie slurred shrugging Kevin off of her, “I got this,”

Kevin looked at her in confusion, but after a moment, he showed clear understanding.

“Sweetie, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink,” Kevin chuckled, “I think we should just get you home an-,”

“I’m fiiiine,” Christie laughed before quickly turning to the biker that stood in front of her, “So Mr. Biker Man, what do ya say?”



“I can not believe you won two-hundred bucks off of that guy,” Kevin laughed and they exited the bar.

“I know right,” Christie smiled, “You’d think he would’ve learned after I kicked his ass the first round-Are you okay?” Christie questioned as Kevin’s face tightened in pain.

“I don’t-,” Kevin cut himself off with a gasp, doubling over in pain.

“Kevin?” Christie asked concerned as she began to walk closer to him.

With a loud crack and a flash of bright light, Kevin was gone, leaving a little wire-haired dachshund in his place.

“Kev…?” Christie asked apprehensively. The dog that stood in front of her whimpered softly.

“Damn it,” Christie sighed, “That’s what I was afraid of,”

“Hey! Girl!” a deep voice shouted behind Christie. She turned to see the biker she hustled walking up to her, “I want ma money back,”

“Sorry man,” Christie said putting her hands in her front pockets, “I won it fair as square,”

The biker reached down and grabbed Christie’s left wrist, “You hustled me. I want my money back,” he snapped.

Kevin began to grow deeply up at the biker who glanced down at the small dog and chuckled.

“Got yourself a guard dog, huh?” He laughed. He drew his foot back and forcefully kicked Kevin in the ribs. Kevin yelped and Christie pulled back her arm from the biker’s grip and quickly ran and bent down to pick up Kevin who whimpered at Christie’s grip.

“What the hell, asshat?” Christie yelled, “He’s a defenseless animal! Pick on someone your own damn size!”

With a soft whoosh, Castiel appeared behind the biker and put his palm on the back of his head. The biker’s eyes rolled into his head and he slumped to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Castiel asked with a slight tilt of his head.

“What did you do to him?” Christie asked looking down at the biker.

“I put him to sleep,” Castiel replied, “I sensed that you were in danger,”

“I don’t want your ‘help,’” Christie quickly snapped standing up with Kevin still in her arms, “The last time you ‘helped’ me you erased my memory,”

“When I erased your memory along with Sam and Dean’s, I wasn’t the angel that I am today. I was, as Dean would elegantly put it, a dick with wings. I served Heaven. I didn’t care about people,”

“Then why didn’t you take me back to Dean after you ‘changed?’” Christie asked, “I mean, you only had ten years,”

“Sam and Dean had never had a safe and peaceful time in their lives. After I took you away, they had to deal with the Apocalypse, Sam was soulless for a year, Leviathans, Dean going to Purgatory, and almost closing the Gates of Hell, which almost killed Sam,”

Christie stared in Castiel a blank look painted across her face.

“The Prophet before Kevin,” Castiel began to add, “wrote a book series about everything they’ve done. The published books end after Dean went to Hell, but Chuck continued writing books that were never published. I’ve stored a set or two in the bunker. You can read them, if you like, so you can understand why it took as long as it did for you to be reunited with Sam and Dean,”

Christie frowned. Most of what Castiel had just said didn’t process properly in her brain. Apocalypse? Sam lost his soul? How do you lose you soul? Leviathan? Dean went to Hell? Considering the fact that she was talking to an actual angel, and just a few days about she had killed the Little Mermaid with a blood covered bone, she figured that there could only be weirder things out there.

Christie decided to ask about the thing that would hopefully have the shortest explanation. “What’s the Bunker?” she blinked.

“It’s the safest place on Earth,” Castiel explained, “I assume after we finish this hunt, Sam and Dean will take you there,”

Castiel looked down at the small animal in Christie’s arms. “I see the witch has transformed another victim,” he sighed, “I still haven’t found her yet, she must be heavily warded,”

Castiel held his hand over Kevin’s head and his palm began to glow. When the light faded, Kevin barked happily.

“You’re welcome,” Castiel replied before turning his focus back to Christie, “Would you like me to accompany you back to the motel?”

“No thanks, Cas. I’m seventeen, I don’t need a babysitter,” Christie teased.

“I didn’t mean to insinuat-,”

“I’m kidding, Cas,” Christie laughed.

“Alight then, I’ll just continue my search of the witch,” Castiel muttered before disappearing with a slight rustle of his wings.

“You go do that,” Christie smiled lightly.

Christie looked down at Kevin and softly stroked his head.

“Thanks for trying to protect me,” she smiled walking towards the Impala, “That was very brave,” she said placing a kiss atop of his head, “considering the fact that you’re a Chihuahua,”

Kevin looked up at Christie and gave her an indignant growl and Christie laughed, “Sorry,” she smiled, “Dachshund,” 

Christie opened the door of the Impala and put Kevin down on the seat.

“You’re kind of cute like that,” Christie teased as Kevin sat next to her, wagging his tail in contentment.

Christie revved the impala and slowly pulled out of the parking lot as Kevin laid down beside her.

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