Every Winchester Has Its Day

After being sucked into the world of the supernatural, Christie Levi joins her father Dean and Uncle Sammy in the hunting of the paranormal, along with the help of a young prophet, on a furry new case. After everything that happened in Utah, Christie is determined to learn all she can, not only about hunting, but her father as well. Why didn’t he come for her when her mother died? How did he find out about her? And what has the mysterious angel, Castiel, been hiding from the both of them? Maybe Dean wasn’t such a crappy father as she had believed…
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Supernatural Fanfiction!
*Sequel to Part Of Your World*


16. Chapter 14.

Christie stared speechlessly at Kevin as she shut the motel room door. She walked over to and hopped onto Kevin’s bed, sitting across from him. “How did you do that?” She asked furrowing her eyebrows.

Kevin shrugged as he closed his laptop. “I’m good with computers.”

“Since when do schools have classes for that kind of stuff?” Christie laughed. “They don’t teach that at any school I’ve ever been too, and I’ve been to quite a few.”

“Uh… Well… I was... in... advanced placement.” Kevin said searching for an explanation.

“Ah,” Christie smiled looking down. “I never knew what was so different about you smart kids. Turns out they just taught you how to hack into government files.”

“Well someone has to do it.” Kevin smiled. Christie scoffed lightly and shook her head as she stood up. “We should go to the store,” Christie looking back at Kevin as she walked over to the small kitchen, “I want to make pancakes.”

“Don’t you think we should focus on this witch thing?” Kevin asked pulling the covers off of his legs and standing up.

“Kevin.” Christie said turning back to look at him as she pulled a glass from one of the cabinets.

“I’ve known Sam and Dean for a total of two weeks, barely a week ago I killed a mermaid and in case you forgot, you were shot yesterday, and I was the one who had to take the bullet out. This has all been nonstop for me and haven’t had two seconds to take it all in and accept the fact that this is my life now. All I want to do right now is to have one normal day with the day with you and Cas, the only two “friends” I have right now, and my dad and uncle.” Christie gestured to Sam and Dean who still laid asleep on the end of her bed and smiled and bit her lip when she realized the irony of the situation. “Normal, huh?” Kevin chuckled.

“Yes.” Christie smiled. “A regular, normal, average day with a Prophet of the Lord, an angel, and my canine family.”

“Couldn’t be more normal.” Kevin shrugged.

“Can we just go to the store and get the stuff to make pancakes?” Christie asked pouring the last of the orange juice into the glass she held in her hand. “And some other groceries.” She said throwing away the empty bottle.

“What are we going to do about Sam and Dean?” Kevin asked crossing his arms.

Christie looked over to the two dogs and sighed before looking back up at Kevin. “Cas can watch them.”


“Chri-Christie.” Castiel mumbled as he followed Christie toward the door. “I-I don’t understand.”

Christie grabbed her jacket and turned around to face Castiel as she slipped it on. “Just stay here with Sam and Dean and make sure they don’t cause any trouble.”

“Where are you going?” Castiel asked following Christie as she grabbed the keys to the Impala off of the dresser.

“We’re just going to the store, we won’t be long.” Kevin said stepping out of the bathroom. Dean stood from where he sat beside Christie’s bed and began to walk over to her. “Maybe one of us should go with you. Incase anything happens.”

“We’ll be fine, Dean. We have a trunk full of guns and knives and other killing... apparatuses.” Christie said walking towards the door.

You don’t know how to use a gun.” Dean said simply.

“Well, when you’re human again you can teach me. Let’s go Kevin.” Christie opened the door of the motel and stepped outside. Kevin walked out a few moments later and shut the door of the motel behind him.

“There’s a Target not too far from here.” Kevin said as he and Christie climbed into the Impala.

Christie put the key into the ignition and the vehicle roared to life. She put the car into reverse and backed out of the parking space.

"Do you think we should get Sam and Dean dog treats?" Christie asked Kevin as she put the car into drive and pulled out of the parking lot of the motel. "Does Target sell Scooby Snacks?"


"Did they cause any trouble?" Christie asked Castiel as she and Kevin trudged into the motel room with bags in each of their hands.

"Everything okay?" Dean asked walking up to Christie.

"We're fine." Christie mumbled, setting the bags she held on the table by the door. "Where is Cas?" she questioned when she realized he that he was missing.

"We don't know." Sam said from atop Christie's bed. "He disappeared about five minutes before you guys got back."

Christie rolled her eyes and began to make her way to the kitchen when a body suddenly appeared in front of Christie. She yelped loudly and fell to the floor. Sam jumped off of the bed and he and Dean quickly made their way over to her and looked down at her. "You alright, kid?" Dean asked.

“There’s been another victim.” Castiel said looking down at Christie who still laid on the floor.

“No, I’m not alright.” Christie grumbled as Kevin helped her stand. “You can’t just pop in like that anymore Cas! Call first or knock on the door like a normal person! You weren't supposed to leave anyways!"

A small squeak came from the pocket of Castiel’s trenchcoat and the head of a rat popped out. “Cas!” Dean said standing up, “I thought you took him home!

He did.” Peter said as Castiel pulled him from his pocket, “My wife tried to kill me.”

“Well,” Kevin said putting his hands in his back pockets, “You are a rat.”

You said there was another victim?” Sam asked sitting down and looking up at Castiel. “Already?”

“Yes, a man turned into a peacock.”

Now what the hell could someone say to turn a man into a peacock?” Dean asked confused. Kevin chuckled and muttered under his breath, “A stuffed shirt, swaggering peacock.”

“Did you just quote Aladdin?” Christie asked turning towards Kevin. Kevin’s face stiffened as he looked up to face Christie. “No.” He said lightly. Christie awkwardly turned back to Castiel as she crossed her arms across her chest. "Okay look," she mumbled, "Kevin and I went to the store and got everything we need to make pancakes. The witch can wait."

"Chris w-" Dean began to speak to Christie as she walked toward the kitchen but she cut him off. "No." She said pointing a finger down at Dean. "I don't give a shit if she turns the Queen into a damn corgi, we can find the witch deal with her tomorrow." Christie turned back around and muttered under her breath, "She is really starting to piss me off."

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