Every Winchester Has Its Day

After being sucked into the world of the supernatural, Christie Levi joins her father Dean and Uncle Sammy in the hunting of the paranormal, along with the help of a young prophet, on a furry new case. After everything that happened in Utah, Christie is determined to learn all she can, not only about hunting, but her father as well. Why didn’t he come for her when her mother died? How did he find out about her? And what has the mysterious angel, Castiel, been hiding from the both of them? Maybe Dean wasn’t such a crappy father as she had believed…
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*Sequel to Part Of Your World*


12. Chapter 10.

The liquid was warm and uncomfortably thick. Christie scrunched her face in disgusted as the potion  made it's way down her throat.

"Oh god," Christie groaned, handing the bottle back to Castiel, "The tastes like ass."

Christie cleared her throat forcefully, "Now what?" she grumbled still trying to remove the taste from her mouth.

"Well can you understand me?" a familiar voice filled her ears.

Christie stared down at Dean with wide eyes, "Woah," she whispered.

"If you can understand me," Dean said looking up at Christie, "Kick Kevin in the nuts,"

"Woah," Kevin said, quickly stepping back and putting his hands over his lower region.

"Seriously, Dean?" Christie said, throwing up her hands, unamused.

"Yes, I'm serious,"

"Stop it, Dean," Sam's voice said in Christie's head.

"Okay, this is giving me a headache," Christie said putting her hands to her forehead.

"You're probably just hungry like I am," Dean grumbled, "Cas, go get us some grub,"

Christie walks over to her jacket that was laid across the back of one of the chairs by the table, and reached into the pocket. She pulled out a few bills and handed them to Castiel.

"Can you get bacon cheeseburgers for Kev and I and, uh, dog food fro Sam and Dean,"

"Woah, no!" Dean said standing up and stepping backwards, "I am not eating dog food,"

"Dog food," Christie whispered to Castiel as he took the money from her hand and nodded, "Oh and some cheese or something for uh," Christie paused and turned to the rat that still sat atop the dresser, "Sorry, what is your name?"

"Peter Andrews," said an old voice in Christie's ears.

"And some cheese for Peter Andrews," Christie said turning back to Castiel who nodded again lightly and disappeared.

"I don't think I'll  ever get used to that," Christie said after a moment, pointing to where Castiel had been standing.

"Excuse me," said the old man's voice, "But can someone please explain what the hell is going on?!"

"Oh, um," Kevin mumbled, wiping his hands on the back of his pants before crossing his arms over his chest. "A witch, um, put a spell on you and turned you into a rat,"

"A witch?" Peter hissed, "No such thing!"

"Then please," Christie said, crossing her arms and shifting her weight on her feet, "give us a logical explanation as to how you got turned into a rodent,"

Peter was silent.

"Exactly," Christie said, "Now, with all the other victims, someone had said they were whatever animal they ended up turning into,"

"What do you mean?" Peter questioned.

"Well," Kevin said, "this one guy was turned into a pig after he started messing around with this chick at a bar and she called him 'a sexist pig'"

"George," Peter whispered.

"What?" Christie asked confused.

"My buddies and I," Peter said starting off soft, but slowly raising his voice to a normal volume, "we were playing our regular poker game down at this bar on 5th Street, Miller's. Anyway, I hadn't won a game in a while and my wife, Jane, she started getting angry about the money I was losing. I figured I could sneak in a few cards and win a little. George Wallace spotted the cards I was keeping in my pocket and called me a dirty rat. Do you think he is  the one who did this?"

"Witches are generally female," Dean said, "But it's not impossible,"

"There was this one waitress," Peter said suddenly, "she bumped into me in the doorway, as I was leaving, and muttered some nonsense under her breath that didn't make any sense, it didn't even sound like English,"

Kevin  turned and blinked at Christie. "Well," Kevin said to Christie, "What does that sound like to you?"

"What the hell do witches speak?" Christie asked, scrunching up her face.

Kevin smiled and chuckled lightly, "Most spells are in Latin,"

"Oh I can read some Latin, I took a class my sophomore year,"

"Cool," Kevin said turning and looking at the floor, "I can read the Word of God,"

"Can we get back to talking about the witch now?" Dean said, looking back and forth between Christie and Kevin.

"Um, can you remember what she looked like?" Kevin asked, turning back to Peter, "The waitress?"

"She...," Peter hummed in thought, "She had... she had dark hair and, uh, she looked to be in her mid-twenties. She wore glasses, too. Dark red glasses,"

"We can go to the bar tonight and follow her," said Sam, "to make sure she's really the witch before we kill her,"

"Woah, woah, woah!" Peter said alarmed, "Kill her?"

"It's the only way to change everyone back," Christie said uncrossing her arms and slipping her hands into her back pockets, "That we're sure of," she said turning to Kevin.

"You-You just can't kill a person!" Peter squeaked out.

"She turned you into a rat," Christie said stepping forward, "And these idiots into dogs," she said gesturing to Sam, Dean and Kevin with a nod of her head.

"It won't be much longer until she starts killing people instead of just turning them into animals," said Dean.

"How can you people talk about murdering someone so calmly?" Peter asked.

"We deal with things worse than this on a daily basis," Dean mumbled.

A soft wind blew Christie's hair into her face and she turned to see Castiel standing beside her with struggling with the multiple bags in his hands.

"I-I didn't know what kind of dog food to get," Castiel said as Christie helped him by taking a few of the bags from his hands, "So I got the one with the dog on it that looks like Sam,"

"I thought I told you not to get dog food!" Dean growled angrily at Castiel, "I am not eating that!"

"Be quiet, Dean," Christie said as she set the bags in her hands on the table by the door, "if it wasn't for Kev and I, you and Sam would have to eat food out of a dumpster or something," she said turning around and crossing her arms.

"That doesn't mean we have to eat dog food!" Dean whined.

"Dean," Christie said, walking over to Castiel with a slight smile on her face, "You're a dog," she said taking the bag of dog food from Castiel, "and dogs eat dog food." Christie opened the bag of dog food and sat it down in front of Sam and Dean.

"I'm not eating it," Dean huffed.

"Then you won't eat at all," Christie said sitting down in one of the chairs beside the table and pulling out the two bacon cheeseburgers and handing one to Kevin. "Sit and eat," she said gesturing to the seat in front of her.
Kevin did as Christie told him and talked over to the table and sat in front over her. He and Christie unwrapped their burgers and began to eat.

"Um, I guess I-I'll just... go... then," Castiel mumbled awkwardly before disappearing into thin air.

"You know," Sam said pulling his head out of the dog food bag and looking up at Dean, "It isn't that bad,"

Dean scoffed lightly and turned away from Sam and glared up at Christie and Kevin. Dean lowered himself to the ground and slowly began inching his way closer and closer to the table that stood by the door of the motel. He soon laid under the table, directly beside Kevin's feet.

Kevin set his burger down on the wrapper, wiped his hands on his jeans and stood up to get a drink. Dean swiftly jumped onto Kevin's chair and pulled Kevin's burger off of the table and onto the floor.

"Dean!" Christie shouted standing up, attempting to get the cheeseburger back from Dean, but it was too late  

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