Every Winchester Has Its Day

After being sucked into the world of the supernatural, Christie Levi joins her father Dean and Uncle Sammy in the hunting of the paranormal, along with the help of a young prophet, on a furry new case. After everything that happened in Utah, Christie is determined to learn all she can, not only about hunting, but her father as well. Why didn’t he come for her when her mother died? How did he find out about her? And what has the mysterious angel, Castiel, been hiding from the both of them? Maybe Dean wasn’t such a crappy father as she had believed…
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Supernatural Fanfiction!
*Sequel to Part Of Your World*


1. Chapter 1.

"So what exactly did this Kevin say?" Christie asked, leaning forward and poking her head between Sam and Dean.

Dean turned down the music, "He wasn't really clear. He said he'd give us the details when we met up with him at the motel," 

"And when are we supposed to meet him?" 

"There he is," Sam said, pointing at the entrance of the hotel. Christie looked to see a short scrawny Asian boy exiting a motel room and walking over to the Impala.

"That's Kevin?" Christie asked, surprised.

Dean glanced at her. "Yeah, why?"

"He looks nothing like I expected," Christie replied.

"And what did you expect him to look like?" Sam asked in an amused tone.

Christie shrugged, "Well, I would expect a Prophet of the Lord to wear like, robes and be an old, bald guy or something," she said, looking at his outfit, which consisted of faded jeans, and a blue button up shirt layered over a brown t-shirt. 

"An old, bald guy named Kevin?" Dean laughed, opening the door. He climbed out of the car and waved to Kevin. When Kevin reached the car, Sam climbed out. Christie opened her door, and got out as well, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Kevin froze, watching her with wide eyes. Dean noticed, and narrowed his eyes. He cleared his throat.

Kevin shook himself out of his daze, as Sam smirked at the whole situation. 

"So. The case?" Dean prompted. 

"Right. Come on, I'll tell you inside," Kevin said, still looking at Christie. 

"So, a bunch of people have gone missing," Kevin said, unlocking his room, and walking inside. The room was a mess, with dirty clothes strewn all over the floor, and old, half-drunk cups of coffee sitting forgotten on the counters and nightstand. Kevin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "I've been pretty focused on the case, so I haven't really spent a lot of time cleaning up...," he said. 

"It's fine," Dean shrugged, "So, what have you dug up?" he asked, walking over to the wall, that had newspaper clippings pinned to it, with different color string connecting different pictures. 

"Well, people have been going missing for the past two weeks, and a few hours after the last time they're seen, a random animal shows up at their house. Like.....oh, this one guy went missing after having a few drinks, and when the cops searched his house, they found a pig in his bed."

"A pig?" Dean asked, "Like an actual pig?"

Kevin nodded, "Yeah, but the weird thing is, he was messing around with this chick at the bar. He was being really rude, and she called him 'a sexist pig,'" Dean seemed interested in that fact.

"So, this chick, is she connected to any other victims?" 

Kevin shook his head, "I checked into it. She didn't know any of the other victims. A woman went missing a few days ago, the police found a skunk in her car. Earlier that day, she was on a bus and sprayed some perfume. A little girl on there had asthma and started coughing, and long story short, a man on the bus said that it was rude to spray stuff 'like a skunk,'" Kevin finished.

Sam looked thoughtful. "So, the victims are being turned into animals?" he guessed. Kevin nodded, "But I can't figure out the connection. Who's doing it?" 

Christie went over and surveyed the pictures of the animals that were discovered. Something caught her eye in each of the pictures.

"Hey guys, what's this weird symbol in the background?" 

Dean went over and looked to where she was pointing.

"Son of a bitch," he muttered, "Sam?"

"Yeah?" Sam replied, coming over to see.

"Remember that case Dad had in Ontario, around '92?" 

"The one where the witch turned her victims into plants?" Sam asked.

"Yeah," Dean replied, taking the picture down and handing it to Sam, then said, "Wait here." And left the room.

"Where is he going?" Christie asked. Sam shrugged, studying the picture.

Dean returned a few minutes later, holding an old leather journal, with pages falling out.

"Dad's journal?" Sam asked, "Have you seen something in there before?" 

Dean nodded, flipping through the pages, until he came to the one he wanted. "Here," he handed it to Sam. Sam read the writing on the page, and he frowned. "Hoodoo. Okay, but what about who's doing it?" 

"You mean Voodoo?" Christie asked. Dean shook his head. "No, Voodoo is a religion in Africa. Hoodoo is what TV and movies portray as Voodoo." He handed her the book. Christie was surprised at its weight. "Jeez. What is this thing?" She asked, looking at the scribbled handwriting.

"It's our dad's journal," Dean replied, "He wrote about every monster he's ever went up against in here," Christie flipped through the book, interested. "Can I read through this?" She asked Dean. He shrugged, "Sure, but don't be getting any ideas. You are NOT going on any hunts alone, got it?" 

Christie gave a mock salute, looking down at the page Dean had it turned to. At the top, it had a symbol drawn

Underneath it, read:

'Transformation spell. Powerful hoodoo. The spell requires:

Hair from desired animal

Blood from target

Lambs blood

Bowl made from 100 year old oak

And a Latin chant. If the witch is killed, then the spell is broken. The witch was not easy to kill. She almost turned me into a flower, but I got her just in time,'

Christie sat down in the office chair and flipped to the last page of the journal, and read the last entry to herself.

'Dean snuck out again last night. He thinks I don't know about that girl from the library, Melanie.'

'Melanie?' Christie thought, 'My mom? It would make sense, this was written in 1997.'

"What are you reading?" Sam asked, reading over her shoulder. He smirked at the entry. "I remember that. Dad was not happy about it." He straightened up, "I'm gonna go get some food."

"I'll get it," Christie offered, standing up, "You guys work on the case." Sam glanced at her, "Are you sure?"

Christie shrugged, "Sure, why not? I'm not much help on the case right now. I need something to do," she grabbed the keys off the nightstand, "And to be honest, I've been dying to drive the Impala," she gave a mischievous grin. 

"She better not be scratched!" Dean called after her, before the door closed. Kevin went to follow her, but Dean grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him back, "Oh no you don't. Focus on the case," 

"But Dean, I wanna flirt with the hot Hunter chick!" Kevin protested, "This is kinda my chance!" Dean scowled at him.

"First of all, she's not a Hunter. Second, her name is CHRISTIE. Thirdly, that 'Hot Hunter chick' is my daughter,"

"Woah, what did I miss?" Christie asked, standing in the doorway, "I was out of the door for two seconds,"

"Nothing," Dean said quickly, "What are you doing? I thought you were going out?" 

"I am. I just forgot my dagger," She took it out of her bag, "You never know," She shrugged, slipping it into her boot. 

"You realize that the trunk has every weapon you'd ever need," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, well what if I'm attacked and I'm not near the Impala? What then?" Christie shot back, raising her eyebrows pointedly. 

"Touchè," Sam admitted. Christie smirked, then left the room again.

They heard the Impala roar to life outside, and the music got louder as Christie cranked the volume up. Black Sabbath's 'The Wizard' was playing. Dean walked over to the window and peeked through the blinds. Christie was backing the Impala up, as she bobbed her head to the music. Dean grinned. "I can see the family resemblance," Kevin said, looking out the window next to him. Dean glared at him. "Shut up, and get to work,"

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