Every Winchester Has Its Day

After being sucked into the world of the supernatural, Christie Levi joins her father Dean and Uncle Sammy in the hunting of the paranormal, along with the help of a young prophet, on a furry new case. After everything that happened in Utah, Christie is determined to learn all she can, not only about hunting, but her father as well. Why didn’t he come for her when her mother died? How did he find out about her? And what has the mysterious angel, Castiel, been hiding from the both of them? Maybe Dean wasn’t such a crappy father as she had believed…
∞'Sup Bitches!
Supernatural Fanfiction!
*Sequel to Part Of Your World*



Hey everyone! So we haven’t published in a few weeks because we are drowning in work for school so we are really behind on writing. Because of this and the Christmas holidays coming up, we will resume publishing chapters in January, February at the latest. Please bear with us on this, the wait will be worth it :).

Love from us to your beautiful faces,

Kallie & Taylor

(Fangirling Expert & Cassbuttstiel)

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