Permanent Vacation (5SOS Love Story)

Maggie and Isabella are two normal sixteen-year olds at an all girls school who love the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They've always dreamed of seeing them in person or even meeting them, but they kinda knew it would never happen. That is until thaAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Just so you all know this isn't gonna have like sex scenes because we think that's a little much so please don't ask for them thanks!


3. The Night Before

Maggie's POV


We got to the club, and it was full of people. The music from the inside practically shook the sidewalk. Everyone was wearing weird clothes. I liked my outfit I guess, it was my black high waisted shorts with a white Blink-182 shirt with my white high tops. Isabella was wearing regular denim high waisted cutoffs with an Urban Outfitters bralette. Ha ha... skank. Kidding!!! But yeah we weren't exactly in nightclub attire. We got in line, but I really wasn't convinced the huge bouncer would believe we were of age. I looked down the alley, though, and saw a door far down towards the other end. It was cracked open.
"Isáb," I elbowed her, "look!" 
We sprinted down towards the open door and freaked out. Just as I was about to open it, someone from the inside did. At first it kinda hurt bc it hit my shoulder, but then I got kinda scared it was someone who worked in the club who would yell at us for being back there. But no, it was some guy. I didn't really get a good look at his face, I just kinda shoved past him before any workers would see us. "Hey! Watch out" he said. "Sorry, I'm druunknkknN!!!" I said, laughing. I pulled Isabella by the neck laughing really hard but I don't really know why. Soon enough we were on the dance floor, dancing really crazily.

We'd been at the club for like 15 minutes just dancing, so we decided to get another drink. We got a couple shots of tequila and started laughing again. The man who I had shoved earlier was standing with a group of like 3 other guys and some girls. I recognized his snapback. Now that I looked closer, actually, he wasn't a man. He was a boy who appeared to be my age or a little older. I doubt he was legal, though. His friend started walking over to us and grabbed both our hands and pulled us to the dance floor. I didn't really get a good look at his face either, but I recognized his arms for some reason. Why did I recognize those arms??? Soon enough we were dancing with all of them and sitting on them at their booth and everything... I think? But honestly I don't remember.

Its a blur.

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