Permanent Vacation (5SOS Love Story)

Maggie and Isabella are two normal sixteen-year olds at an all girls school who love the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They've always dreamed of seeing them in person or even meeting them, but they kinda knew it would never happen. That is until thaAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Just so you all know this isn't gonna have like sex scenes because we think that's a little much so please don't ask for them thanks!


1. School Dayz

Isabella's POV

I looked at the ground and placed my headphones in my ears. I sat in the car waiting for my mom and sister, and played Fall by Justin Bieber on full volume. They finally got in, and the ride to school was silent. Everything had been silent in the house, really, since my dad was lost at sea. I know that may seem fake, but it's true. He was a marine biologist, and he taught me to love the ocean. He was searching for Megalodon, but I guess he never found him.... Or maybe he did. 


I got to school (all girls, btw...) and walked up the steps to the library, music still on full volume. I walked in and saw my best friend Maggie laying across the chair with her legs hanging of the arm. She was my only friend in the school actually... We listened to the same music, loved the same bands, watched the same shows, and I don't know, just did everything the same. We were sitting and talking about 5SOS when Constance approached us with her stupid possy. "Get the hell out of this school, already. I seriously can't look at your ugly faces anymore. Go join your dad in the belly of 'Megalodon,'" she said mockingly. Her and her friends walked off laughing, and I acted like I didn't care. Deep down though, it really hurt being called ugly everyday, even though I knew it was true. I missed my dad so much.

A/N We're starting this this weekend so we hope u like it and hahaha hope u guys also like that Isabella's dad was looking for a megalodon when he disappeared!!! Classic shark week rite?!??

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