Permanent Vacation (5SOS Love Story)

Maggie and Isabella are two normal sixteen-year olds at an all girls school who love the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They've always dreamed of seeing them in person or even meeting them, but they kinda knew it would never happen. That is until thaAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Just so you all know this isn't gonna have like sex scenes because we think that's a little much so please don't ask for them thanks!


2. Pre-Game

Maggie's POV


Isabella and were in my room freaking out. Tomorrow night was the 5 Seconds of Summer concert! We had been waiting for this all summer. It was the one thing we had to look forward to during the first week of school. We packed some bags together because the concert was in PA. We lived outside DC but are going to Hershey Park bc we found some cheap pit tickets. Because the pit is general admission, we had to get there early so we could get positions next to the stage. We also planned on hanging around all day so we could possibly meet the boys, but I doubt that would happen. Hershey was a big arena, and there would be hundreds of fans surrounding them if they were seen at all.

I'm 16 (almost 17) and I just got my license, so I could drive us. We planned on getting ChickFila on the way:))) Hopefully this trip works out and doesn't end up a huge disappointment. 


We arrived at the hotel, checked in, and unpacked all our stuff in our room. I had in my bag a bunch of shirts, my black high waisted shorts, a GoPro, and two pairs and high tops (all black and white with red and blue stripes). Isáb and I tried on some outfits to pick for tomorrow, and I decided I'd wear my black shorts and my navy Nirvana shirt with black high tops. It was a cut up muscle shirt, not that I have muscles but you know. I looked in the mirror and I was sad. I looked so bad, and there wasn't really a way to fix it!! Whatever, its not like I'm gonna meet them anyways so it doesn't reallllly matter how ugly my face looks I guess. 

We decided to try on makeup for tomorrow so we wouldn't screw up a smokey eye or something. We ended up putting it on pretty well actually. I straightened my hair and it looked pretty long, almost at my waist. I have dirty blonde hair (brunette/blonde), but since the summer just ended it was at its blondest. Isáb's hair was dark dark brown, however, and went down to like, the middle of her butt. It was so thick, I'm so jealous!!! We looked all dressed up, like we were going to some party or something.
"I feel bad this is going to waste," she said. 
"Hahaha," I said while I looked in the mirror, "we look much older than we actually are."
"You know what, we should go see if we can get into that club we passed on the way here!!!" Isabella exclaimed. "I don't know... I'm so short I don't think I could pass for 21, Isáb," I said, laughing. 
"Listen," she said, "we have our fakes, there's no parents with us, its worth a shot!"
"I don't know... I guess it couldn't hurt." 

"And look!" she said opening the mini fridge, "free ALCCC!"
"That is definitely not free, and the hotel people know were underage," I laughed. 
"Come on, Mags!"
"Okay, I guess. We can save the caps and fill the bottles back up with water, and they'll never know. I learned that in Friends," I winked. I always reference Friends.

"Nice," Isáb said.


We had some, and I felt a lil tipsy. We left the hotel and started walking down the busy sidewalk towards the club... We'll see how this goes. I have a weird feeling.





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