Permanent Vacation (5SOS Love Story)

Maggie and Isabella are two normal sixteen-year olds at an all girls school who love the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They've always dreamed of seeing them in person or even meeting them, but they kinda knew it would never happen. That is until thaAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Just so you all know this isn't gonna have like sex scenes because we think that's a little much so please don't ask for them thanks!


5. Dates???

Maggie's POV

"Thank God!!!" I exclaimed when I saw Isabella in Ashton's doorway. Woah, I thought to myself. Did this really happen? How? This must be a dream. Luke Hemmings? Ashton Irwin? Pretty sure this is illegal, too. You know since we're 16, and... Well I guess I'm okay, seeing as Luke's 18. Isabella, however... Ashton is 20. Whatever, I really didn't care. They are freaking 5 Seconds of Summer for god sake. 
"OMG hi. I-I'm Maggie," I said looking at Ashton in awe. I saw Luke giving me a weird side eye. Was he jealous??? I really hope so. Besides, Luke is, always has been, and always will be my favorite member. 

"Haha, hello Maggie. We met last night!!!" Ashton laughed. 
'Right, sorry," I said, still in a lot of shock. "Um, Isabella, come to the bathroom with me? Now?" 
I grabbed her arm before she responded and looked at the boys, who pointed me down the hall to the nearest women's bathroom. Once we got in, I screamed. We jumped up and down. This couldn't be happening!!!! What! I felt weird about having sex with some guy I just met, but I felt like I had known him forever. 

You know, from social media.


Isabella's POV

"Ashton is so hot," I said, "I bet he regrets doing that with me!!!" 
"Isáb, shut it. You're so much prettier than you think you are," Maggie replied.
"Awe thanks gurla. But ugh I don't know," I answered. "I wish I remembered more."
"I'm sure some things will come back to you," Maggie winked. 

Luke's POV

We heard the girls scream from the bathroom down the hall, I looked at Ashton and laughed. They weren't like groupies, lemme get that straight. They were different, we actually liked them. They weren't sluts or anything, they actually had personalities. I wanna hang out with them more. I wanna hang out with Maggie more. I really hope they come to soundcheck.

Ashton's POV

The girls walked back to my door, Isabella still in my clothes. I smiled. I grabbed her hand, which seemed to surprise her, but she smiled back. "Will you come to soundcheck today, pleeeease? I promise it'll be fun," I said. She looked over at Maggie, who nodded, and looked back at me.
"Yeah that sounds awesome. I mean our only plans today were to go to YOUR concert..." she laughed. I smiled really wide, happy that our relationship wasn't ending here. 


Luke's POV

Turns out the girls were in the same hotel as us, so they ran up and got ready really fast. We met in the lobby, and Maggie looked awesome. She was wearing a navy Nirvana shirt with the black logo in the middle, black shorts, and black converse high tops. Lol, same shoes as me. And probably every other member in the band. I wonder if she liked me. She looked so pretty, and only had on some light mascara. I hugged her and she smelt so good. 

Maggie's POV

We ran upstairs to get dressed quickly for the soundcheck. This whole thing felt fake. Why was I so lucky right now? We took literally the fastest showers ever, and blow dried our hair the best we could. The boys were definitely gonna be late, so we were practically sprinting. My hair was pretty much dry, and I threw on the same outfit I was planning on wearing to the concert and stuffed my phone, GoPro, tickets, and cash into my bag. Isáb was dressed in this tight black dress and a loose flannel, with black combat boots. She had a half up half down, and I my classic high ponytail. I smiled when I saw my little purple streak coming from my roots. We ran downstairs. 

When we got to the lobby, I saw Luke's eyes light up. I could see them from across the room (luckily I'd worn my contacts), they were the most perfect blue ever. He was so cute, I wish he was husband. He got up right away and gave me a hug. He was actually, like, a foot taller than me, and I loved hugging him. He smelt so good. 

On the way there, I sat in between Luke and Calum. Isáb was in the row behind me, in the middle of Ashton and Michael. Calum was so cute and giggly, I can't believe he's real. Luke had his arm around me, this was probably the happiest I've ever been in my life. I can't help feeling like something's gonna ruin it. Shit, I thought. Of course this isn't real. They're leaving, going on tour. I guess it wraps up at the end of the month, but its not like they actually cared about us. We were just groupies to them. I would never be good enough for LUKE HEMMINGS. Why was I tricking myself into thinking I was?!?!!! My smile faded, and I think Luke noticed. 

"Are you okay?" he asked with a worried look.
"Yeah of course," I smiled, but felt sad inside. 
"I know you aren't, whats wrong?" he asked. Wow, he actually seemed to care. No one ever really cared when I was upset, except Isabella, of course. He seemed so concerned. It was adorable.
"Really, I'm fine!" I answered, actually feeling a little better.

He was silent for a minute before saying, "hey Maggie, can I call you Mags?" I nodded.
"Great, so Mags, wanna go out with me after the show tonight?" My stomach dropped. 
"Yeah, that'd be great," I smiled. Woah, is this a date with Luke Hemmings?


Ashton's POV

We got to the soundcheck. Even though we were like half an hour late, it was okay, because Hey Violet was still finishing up practicing their set. I tied my bandana around my head and grabbed my drumsticks and ran up to the stage.

I practiced for a little while, and noticed Isabella looking at me while in the middle of what seemed like a pretty deep conversation with Maggie. She waved, and I waved, dropping my drumstick. She laughed, I felt like such a geek. 
"Come up here!" I nodded to her.
"Hahaha," she replied from off the stage, "you guys are working!" 
"C'monnnn," I said into the mic. She smiled and made her way up the steps and walked over to me. She just stood there next to me and my drums, and I signaled for her to come sit on my leg while I played. She laughed again, it was so cute. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I started to show her some simple drum steps, but she took the sticks from me. Woah!! All of the sudden she was like really playing, and was so good at it, too! I was in shock, I never pictured her to be the kind of girl to be able to play the drums like that. 
"I used to be in middle school beginner band," she shrugged while laughing, "I played the snare!!!"
I was so impressed, she was so good at it! It made me like her even more. 

"Hey Isáb, would you wanna hang out with me after the show tonight?" 
"Yeah, Ash, of course!" she replied, thank God. 





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