Permanent Vacation (5SOS Love Story)

Maggie and Isabella are two normal sixteen-year olds at an all girls school who love the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They've always dreamed of seeing them in person or even meeting them, but they kinda knew it would never happen. That is until thaAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Just so you all know this isn't gonna have like sex scenes because we think that's a little much so please don't ask for them thanks!


6. A/N

This is just an authors' note, not an update. Does anyone actually like our story/want us to update it bc we will if people want us to but we don't wanna keep going if we're the only ones who are reading it. Let us know in the comments section !!! And thanks to everyone who has read/liked/favorited our story so far!

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