After school, Aubrey Mosby, went back home like a normal sixteen year old student usually do. She was expecting to go home with her favorite home made food and bed ready for her, like usual.

But like always, nothing can go on as a routine forever.

Aubrey was surprised when she saw a van pull up next to her and the next thing she knew -she was tied on a chair with her favorite band standing in front of her.


1. P R O L O G U E



A u b r e y

The bell rang, making me sigh in relief. Our teacher was a huge nutball and always chooses me to answer a difficult question that I don't know how to answer. Fortunately for me, this is my last class and I can finally go home and eat my nana's home-made lasagna.

I walked out of the school property after waving goodbye to my friends who planned to hang out by the parking lot before going home, I didn't stay with them because I can't let the lasagna wait. More of, I can't wait to eat it!

Every day, after school, all I do at home is to eat, nap, wake up, eat, fangirl, sleep. Then the next day, I'll just copy homework from my friends. That is why I'm always excited to go home, nobody disturbs when I'm resting.

I took the shortcut to go home, the deserted road doesn't scare me at all, I've been taking this shortcut for years and nothing bad has happened to me. The shortcut just helps me go home fifteen minutes early.

Like usual, I walk down the deserted street, about to turn to an alley when I saw a van pull up. There was a bad feeling that tingled in my stomach so I tried to run away but someone caught me, covering my mouth with a towel.

Don't breathe, I told myself mentally, do not breathe!

I struggled to get out from the person's arms, but his grip was tight. I gasped for breathe, the chloroform from the towel covering my mouth. My eyes blinked, slowly dripping close and I finally passed out.

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