After school, Aubrey Mosby, went back home like a normal sixteen year old student usually do. She was expecting to go home with her favorite home made food and bed ready for her, like usual.

But like always, nothing can go on as a routine forever.

Aubrey was surprised when she saw a van pull up next to her and the next thing she knew -she was tied on a chair with her favorite band standing in front of her.


2. O N E



A s h

"Are you sure we should do this?" I asked, tapping the steering wheel as we waited for a victim to kidnap. Michael's such a bad influence.

"It's a dare, Ash." Michael grinned, "Now, Luke." He turned to Luke, "Ready?"

Luke sighed and nodded, "You owe me for this." 

"How do I owe you for this? It's a dare." Michael rolled his eyes, "Now go, I see a girl walking."

"Hurry!" Calum exclaimed, "She's walking really fast."

Luke came out of the car with a towel in his hand. I don't know where they got the chloroform from, but I'm thinking they just soaked it with an alcohol, since it can make people sleepy too. I bit on my nails, shaking my head. This was a bad idea.

"Why did you want Luke to kidnap an innocent girl?" I asked Michael, "This is a bad idea, are you crazy?"

Michael rolled his eyes, "Shut up, Ash. Stop panicking we're not going to hurt her." He shrugged, "We just need a girl in our tour."

"Why?" Calum asked, confused.

"I want a friend that's a girl." Michael grinned.

"She'd hate your guts before you even become her friend." I retorted, scoffing.

I looked out of the window and saw the girl passing out in Luke's arms. Luke blinked before carrying her to the van, laying her down on the fort. 

Luke's eyes widened, "Oh no." He ran his hand through his hair, "I kidnapped a girl. Oh no." He looked like he was going to puke, but he turned to Michael, shoving him by his shoulder, "Fuck you, man."

"Ash, you can start driving now." Calum said, chuckling.

I rolled my eyes before looking at the girl with the lads, shaking my head I started the engine and drove off.


A u b r e y

My eyes fluttered open, I frowned looking around as I notice that this place was nowhere near familiar from my home. I stood up and noticed that I was sleeping on a chair. What happened? I would sit up properly but I noticed that my hands were tied on the arm of the chair.

I remembered that I was walking home, my eyes widened when memories came back to me. I struggled the take off the ropes that was tied around my wrist. "Fuck." 

"You're awake." A voice said.

My head snapped up, narrowing my eyes, "Who are you?"

"I'm not going to hurt you." He came closer. I started to kick my legs and he backs up again, "I'm serious."

"Why am I here?" I snapped. It was dark as fuck in this room so I couldn't see his face, but he sound kinda familiar. "Who are you?" 

"You ask too much." He whined.

A frown made its way on my face, "You're childish. Are you seriously my kidnapper?" 

"I didn't kidnap you." He groaned.

"I'm pretty sure, making a girl pass out and tying her up in a chair is called kidnapping." I retorted, scoffing. "And why is it so dark here?"

He giggled, "So it would be more dramatic." 

My jaw dropped, "Are you kidding me?" Okay, so maybe I shouldn't speak like this to a kidnapper, but he is so damn childish, how can I not?

"Ash! Is she awake or do I have to throw an ice cold water on her?" A voice called out from outside.

"She's awake, asshole." The Ash guy yelled back.

"Holy shit, she is?" The door opened and a bright fucking light, flooded in the room. I closed my eyes and groaned.

"Can you take this thing off of me?" I asked, looking at the ropes, still squinting my eyes.

"Why should I?" I looked up and gasped. "What?" Ash asked, "Is there something on my face?"

"You're Ashton Irwin." I whispered.

Ashton giggled, and nodded his head, "Yes."

"Fuck you, you little motherfucker! Untie me now, or I'll fucking kick the sickeningly cute dimples off of your face!" I shouted, struggling out from the chair, but the stupid ropes around my wrist was tied too tight.

Ashton shrinked back in fear, Michael faced me and I almost fainted. Why do these boys have to kidnap me, it would be a pleasure to meet them but not when I'm being kidnapped by them. "Calm down, little girl."

"How dare you call me little girl?" I exclaimed, "I'm more than a little girl when I punch the beat the fuck out of you!" I was infuriated, so mad that I'd kill them without any remorse. 

"Calum!" Michael called in fear, as he hid behind Ashton, "She's threatening us!" 

Calum ran inside with Luke following closely behind, he looked at me and blinked at my probably red face. "Whoa. You're red."

"Get me out of this!" I shouted.

"Calm down, we're not going to hurt you." Luke said in a calm tone.

I glared at the tall blonde and hissed, "Shut your crap." Luke's bottom lip quivered and his eyes widened in fear, I would coo at him but I'm just so mad right now. "Why am I here?!"

"It was a dare." Calum said, crossing his arms.

"You fucking dared to kidnap me?" I gaped.

"Michael did!" Ashton shouted, raising his hands in defense, "I told him not to, but Mikey is very stubborn." 

"Ash!" Michael screamed as if he was betrayed.

"Well then, can I go now?" I gritted my teeth, trying to calm my nerves.

"No." Calum suddenly grinned.

I snarled, and leaned closer but the fucking ropes stopped me to, "And why the fuck not?"

"Because you have to go on tour with us." Calum said smugly, "And your parents agreed to it."

"So, you'll be going with us for eight months." Luke cheered, clapping his hands.

I threw a glare at him, making him stop, "Why me? And how were you able to call my parents?" 

"Cause we saw you walking alone and decided to kidnap you instead, and I called them by your phone." Calum shrugged his shoulders as if kidnapping a girl and using their phone was very usual thing to do.

"You went through my phone?" I said slowly my voice raising each tone.

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