Universal Love

The story is about this girl who thought she wasn't special and was getting no where in life. Then something strange happened to her, she now had the power to travel through space and time at her will. With the help of her new friend. They roam the universe and help those who are in need.


2. Paper flies in the wind

A month passed by and they had their first holiday break. All the kids were home and Jacky was walking the streets of the town. There was paper flying everywhere, all the papers were the same color and same shape. Jacky grabbed on and read it. The paper said, "A chance of a life time. On September 25, there will be an experiment to see if humans can time travel with ease. Don't be afraid. This experiment is just a one day thing, so stop on by."

At the bottom of the page there was an address. 1144 Torchlight way, Birmingham, England. Jacky went home and packed a medium sized bag full of most of her stuff. She went to the airport and boarded the plane. She got there a couple days earlier. So she had some time to spare. She walked through the streets of England and saw the papers flying around again. She grabbed another one and it said the same thing. A man walked up to her and said, "You're not thinking about going to that are you?"

"It's the only reason why I'm here." she said looking at the paper.

"Don't go. You're in grave danger."

"How do you know?"

She looked up and he was gone. There was no one walking away from her that she could see. She didn't even know what the man looked like. 

A couple days pasted, it was September 25th. The day of the experiment. She went to the address, It was a small house on top of a hill. The house was painted brown with a black roof. She went up to the door and knocked three times. The door opened and an older man was standing there. "May I help you?" he said in a deep voice.

"I'm here for the experiment."

"Ah, yes. Please come in."

Jacky entered the big doors to find herself in a mansion. "How? How can all of this be in here?"

"My master is good at deceiving people."

"Who is your master?"

"You will meet him soon."

They walked through the house to a white door. The man from the door opened it and there was wires and tools and metal everywhere she looked. "Ah, someone came. I am so glad. I thought no one was going to show up. My name is John Marcos. And this is my assistant, Sam Ryan.

"Nice to meet you."

"Oh, a man came in before you." John said.

"Hello, my name is Mark." the man walked in through the white doors.

Jacky recognized the voice but didn't know from where. 

"Now that we know each other. We can start the experiment. Thank you Billy." The butler walked out the room and closed and locked the door behind him. There were two chambers, Mark entered the left one and Jacky enter the other. Sam closed the doors on both of them and locked them. "Can you guys breath in there?" Sam yelled.

"Yes, and we can also hear you." Mark said talking normally.

"Now you are going to feel a bit of a rush of air. Don't worry, that is normal. When you get to the destination, you will have to find me and tell me to do all this."

"Why?" Jacky asked.

"Because, someone told me to do this. I was just to destroy it."

"Oh. Okay."

Sam turned on the switch. a big rush of air filled the chambers. Then all of sudden, they were gone. "I did it! I did it! I can't believe I finally did it!" John jumped up and down in excitement.

"John, not so fast. I don't know where or when they are."

"Oh God, please help them."

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