Universal Love

The story is about this girl who thought she wasn't special and was getting no where in life. Then something strange happened to her, she now had the power to travel through space and time at her will. With the help of her new friend. They roam the universe and help those who are in need.


3. New time Earth

A big gust of wind went through the alley. Mark and Jacky fell to the ground. paper was flying everywhere. Mark helped Jacky up of the ground. They went to the opening of the alley and saw what looked like an olden time town. Jacky and Mark looked around, they couldn't believe their eyes. A woman was walking by them, Jacky stopped her and asked, "Where are we?"

"You are in London, England." the woman said with a big smile.

"What year?"

"You are in the year 1493." the woman said still smiling.

"I can't believe that the experiment worked." Jacky said. The woman was still standing there. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." the woman walked away.

"What was up with her?" Jacky asked.

"Look at them. They don't seem real." Mark said pointing to all the people. 

There was a building with a big sign that read "Informational Center."

They walked over to the building and entered the wooden doors. There was no one inside except for a man behind the desk. "Hello. Welcome to the Informational Center. How may I be of service?" he said in a robotic voice.

"We were wondering if there was a man by the name of John Marcos." Mark said, trying to intimidate the sounds.

"You are not from here. We do not wonder. We know or know not." the man said smiling. then he leaned towards them, "But if you are looking for John Marcos, he is on the hill 50 miles from here." he stood back up. "If that is all, thank you for entering the Informational Center."

"Thank you." Jacky whispered to the man.

They walked out the door. All the people were still walking around. There were no cars or horses or carriages. They were all just walking. "I am not going to walk 50 miles up to a hill. I already had that pain going up there with a car." Jacky said sitting down. The man from the Informational Center walked  out the doors and grabbed Mark and Jacky by the arms. They started walking down the street. "If you need a ride up the hill I know a guy who owes me a favor. His name is Curtis. His building is on the corner just over there. Tell him I sent you. He'll take great care of you guys."

"What is your name? You never told us." Jacky asked not looking at him.

"My name is Peter Maxwell. Now go, before it is too late." 

"Thank you so much." Jacky said starting to turn to him.

"Go!" he yelled.

Mark and Jacky walk over to the building. They entered the building and there was no one around except for Curtis. "Welcome. How may I help you?" Curtis said in the robot voice.

"Peter Maxwell sent us. We are trying to get to John Marcos' house." Jacky said.

"Peter sent you guys. Is it the favor I owe him?" He said in his normal voice.

"Yes it is. We are in a bit of a rush." Mark said.

"Yes, Yes. Understood. Now, we ready to go?"

"How? There are no cars or anything."Jacky said with a laugh.

"Who said that?" 

They walked to a garage and covered up by a grey cloth was an 1970 mustang boss. "How can you have that? This is the year 1432."

"Who said that?"

They got into the car and started to drive up to the hill. It took them about an hour or so to get there. When they got there, they looked upon the house. It looked like the same house from the years before. "If you need any other help. Just let me know." Curtis said while Mark and Jacky were getting out of the car. 

"We will Curtis. Thank you for everything." 

Curtis drove away. Mark and Jacky walked up to the big doors and stood there. Not knowing what was going to be inside or what was the inside going to be. Finally, they got the courage and Mark knocked three times.

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