Universal Love

The story is about this girl who thought she wasn't special and was getting no where in life. Then something strange happened to her, she now had the power to travel through space and time at her will. With the help of her new friend. They roam the universe and help those who are in need.


5. Hope comes knocking

A couple minutes pasted by and there was no knocking. Another few minutes went by, still not knocking. An hour went by and the giant doors opened and a young man walked through the door. "Are you Sam?" Mark asked starting to stand up.

"Yes, And you must be Mark? Who is this?"

"This is my... friend, Jacky."

"I'm sorry about your father." she said looking at him.

"Where is he?"

"He's in the lab. We decided not to move his body till you came here." Mark said also looking at him.

"What are you two staring at?" Sam said angrily.

"You don't look much like your father to be honest." 

"I get that a lot. I look more like my mother. Can we go to him?"

"Of course. I have a question, why don't you live in this house. It's big enough for many people to live in."

"My mom and I decided that he should have some space when he is working on this experiment of his. She was worried that I might get hurt or something like that. I left here when I was 5 years old. I never thought that I would ever come back."

The got to the door. Sam took a deep breath and opened the doors. When they got in there, the body and the machine was gone. "Where is he? Where did the machine go?" Sam asked looking around.

The room was completely empty. The machine, all the papers that were on the desk were gone. The only thing that was in the room was the pool of blood where Charlie was laying. "You said that you didn't move him."

"We didn't. We swear, we didn't move him or any of his stuff."

"Then who did?"

Jacky walked up to where the blood was. She noticed foot prints on the floor leading to the wall. There was black sand along the wall.  She walked up to the wall and picked up some of the sand. It felt like sand and glass mixed together. "Mark. Come look at this." Jacky said with the sand still in her hand.

"What is it?" Mark asked, then he suddenly looked at the sand.

"It looks like some sort of sand. Have you ever seen black sand before?" she asked Mark, then she asked Sam, "Have you?" she walked towards him. He took a couple steps back.

"Once. Before I left this place. I believe that this is the reason why my mother wanted to leave this place."

He turned around and looked at the ground. "What are you not telling us?" Jacky asked him, turning him around.

"The black sand is what remains of the history of my family. Whenever the end of their lives happen, they turn into this black sand. It doesn't matter what age they are. Only the males get turned into black sand. The women just die. I have to go, I sorry. But you guys need to go back from which you came." Sam started walking out.

"We can't go back. We're not from around here. That's why we came to talk to your father, but now he's gone and the machine is gone. There is no way to get back home." Jacky said sitting on the ground.

Sam looked at them, then he realized that they were not lying. He didn't say another word. He left the room and the front doors slammed. "Who's going to help us now?" Jacky asked looking at Mark.

"Let me see that sand." Jacky pored the sand into Mark's hand. He looked at it, he didn't understand why it was only by the wall and no where else. "Was there anyone else in that book?" Jacky asked.

Mark looked through the book and saw another name in the book that was just put in. It was smeared a little but still able to read. The name was  Sam Ryan. There was no telephone number. Just the name was on the page. "Sam Ryan?" Mark said to himself.

"Wasn't that Sam?"

"Not this Sam. This Sam helped us before."

"Is there an address or phone number?"

"Nope. Just the name. How do we find someone?"

"We need some information."


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