The Visitor

The story is about a young girl, about 12 and she heads off on holiday but... her mother gets ill and reveals a dark secret...


1. The Visitor

The Visitor

It all started about two years ago, when myself, my dad, my mum and my brother, James were all extremely excited to go on holiday together. We’d been planning this trip for a long while previous to actually going.

As we sat in one of the busy café’s, drinking hot chocolates; I felt a sudden urge to jump on the plane and fly away. I was very, very, very, excited about going away like this due to the fact that I hadn’t been on a proper holiday for almost ten years.

We took off! I griped my dad’s hand ever so tightly as the captain turned off the seatbelt sign. We were off… The captain was a stuck up man with blonde frizzy hair which stuck to his head like honey on your fingers in summer.  He looked about 40+ years old and looked upon his passengers like rats in Buckingham Palace. However as we touched down for Spain, the heavy doors opened. It took about 5 minutes to realise you were in paradise. It was gorgeous.

We go to Spain about 10o’clock in the morning and I immediately wanted to put my swimming costume on and dive into the crystal blue pools which surrounded the pastel pink holiday resort. As we unpacked our heavy suitcases into the many surrounding oak wardrobes we noticed the gorgeous view from our room, little did we know our room overlooked the beautiful mountains behind the hotel.

Later that evening we headed for dinner, all the bone china stood tall overlooking all the gourmet meals and dishes in front of me. I picked out about five different meals to try and headed back to our tables with them, I had to do two runs with my meals I had so many. Our table was placed in the corner of the room so it was nice and quite-ish. Even though we was in an extremely hot destination my mum still managed to get a cold off somewhere or that’s what she told us.

The next morning it was gorgeous the first full day in paradise. Blazing hot sunshine and icy cold refreshing pools, hardly anyone was awake so we had first picks of the sunbeds. We picked the eons in the sun, right next to the bar. As we lay in the sun, my mum had fallen asleep for about an hour so we put an umbrella over her to guard her form the sun. We didn’t think anything of my mums nap until out of the blue she jumped up and went for a drink. But as she jumped she panicked and clasped to the floor unconscious; luckily my brother and dad managed to catch her and the bar staff and lifeguards rushed over, picked her up and rushed her inside.

My mum was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. I sat in the ambulance and watched my mum roll in and out of consciousness. It was heart-breaking! One the of the main people in my life had be rushed into hospital not knowing what had happened to her. As we reached the hospital I was told that she was in a state of life and death, my dad’s face dropped as he burst into and state of tears, I hugged him. They were nothing we could do for my mum it was up to the doctors to save my mum now. It felt angry and ran to the toilets, I stayed there for about twenty minutes, until heard my dad’s voice talking to one the doctors.

The Doctor said “your wife? Is doing better than we expected and will be given some medication to treat her until you get back home to the United Kingdom, if that’s okay?”

My dad replied “Yeah that’s fine. What’s wrong with her?”

The doctor said “ your wife has had a bacterial infection and will need to be in hospital in England for quite a while, this is because the medication she’s on know is having a chemical reactions with something like a… anti-bug bite tablet or something. Do you know if she’s taken anything tablets recently?”

“Yes she took an Anti-bug biting tablet the other day on the plane because she normally gets bitten loads by the wildlife especially in Spain and Turkey.” My dad answered.

We got back to the holiday destination and went upstairs to our rooms to pack. I had tears rolling down my face as we did so. An hour later we headed downstairs to check-out of the paradise. So hotel wished up all the happiness in the world and gave us some Euros’ for the taxi fare to the hospital and then to the airport. Walking in to collect my mum the doctors gave my dad the medicine and told him to give it to her every 5 hours. My mum walked over and apologised for cutting the holiday short she said she’d make it up to me and my brother. But we didn’t want her to make it up too us we wanted our mum to get better.

As we got another Taxi to the airport my mum and dad kept apologising to us, I felt so sorry for my mum and she cried and said good bye to the holiday, she’d only being in 24 hours if that.

A few days later and back in the United Kingdom and my mum back in hospital, every time we went to the hospital we saw a strange visitor in floods of tears walking out of my mum ward. We just thought he’d been visiting his partner or something, but what we did know is that he was deeply upset.

As we entered my mum’s room I noticed the bunch of flowers on the window sill, Rose’s I think they were. I asked her who’d brought them in and she quickly changed the subject on to something different. To be completely honest form that moment on I knew something wasn’t right at all. It was all very suspicious

A few weeks later as we returned to see my mum, we bumped into the strange looking man; yet again he was crying, in floods of tears in fact. I wanted to see if he was okay? But somehow before the words entered my mouth he was already gone. We entered my mum’s room and they were some flowers on the window sills and some chocolates on the edge of the bed. I asked here the flowers and chocolate were from, my mum replied “they were from Nanna, she came the other day, Saturday I think” I replied “ okay “ but afterwards I thought to myself, Saturday was her birthday and she was going on a day trip with her friends.

I was speaking to my dad on the way home and I asked him about my Nanna’s birthday and he said “yeah, Nanna’s birthday was on Saturday, why?”

I simply replied “was she out all day?”

My dad answered saying “yeah I think, why?”

“Because mum said to me that Nanna brought mum the flowers and chocolates in on Saturday, but Nanna was out all day, Saturday wasn’t she?” I questioned

My dad hummed and didn’t answer. How strange I thought to myself…

My mum was getting better each day and one day she ordered a family meeting. Normally our family meetings consisted of our day plans. James would pick once, then I etc. we presumed that something awful had happened… I was terrified! What is..? What if..? What if she was going to have an operation? What if..?

As we walked towards my mum’s ward we saw this strange man again, and yet again he was crying, but not as much as he would have been normally. We entered the room and my mum wasn’t up and about all excited to see us. She was laid in her bed on her phone, like a teenager. There was a ‘Get well soon’ card on the window sill; I dared even look to see who it was from. Then all of a sudden my dad said “kids go and get some drinks form the vending machines in the hall way, then go for a walk with your Nanna if you’d like?” my dad sort of ordered us out of the room so my mum and dad could have a ‘chat’.

My Nanna said “that would be nice, a little time with the Gran-kids, what can be better” and lead us off into to corridor.

My gran fell asleep on the air chairs at reception, so I and James headed back to the ward. My dad greeted us about half way and said “myself and your mum would like a word” my dad looked heartbroken and destroyed, as lead us back to the ward.

I burst into a river of tears as my dad told us that the man which who we’d seen leaving was actually my mum’s secret love affair. And it had been going on for months now. I died inside I was broken; my world had just clasped and broke into a million pieces.

That evening we left I was broken…

My mum called my Nanna’s and asked if we could go for dinner on the following Sunday. She replied yeah us a merry sound to her voice like she was excited to see us. By this time my mum was out of hospital and back at home even though it was awkward.

So the following Sunday we set off to my Nanna’s and had our dinner it was gorgeous. Afterwards my Nanna and mum had some wine and got ’little’ junk; my dad wasn’t drinking because he was driving home. Out of the blue my mum said “kids go in the other room” and for once we did as we were told.

With an uproar I heard shouting and screaming and loud footsteps as my gran shouted “GET HER OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!! GET HER OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!”

So my mum replied and shouted “IT’S NOT YOUR HOUSE it’s MY DAD’S HOUSE!!!!!!!!”

My Nanna screamed “YOUR DAD’S DAED! YOUR DAD’S DEAD!”

Afterwards my dad dragged my mum out of my Nanna’s house, and about 2 months later my Nanna’s and mum started talking again…

Lives fun when you live in my shoes. It’s a non-stop roller-coaster; it’s awful because I and James are suck in the middle, it awkward if you even mention cheating whilst in the family home.

But at the end of the day, my mum still tells my dad she loves him and she’s going to finish John but he never does, she does the opposite.

Life’s a non-stop adventure, which is slowly but surely killing me from the inside out…   


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