The Visitor

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  • Published: 1 May 2015
  • Updated: 1 May 2015
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A fantastic narrative written by one of my students! A football based story where an incident happens at a match. The police are involved. What happens?


1. The Visitor

It was a warm summers evening, the air was thick like syrup. And our journey from London had just unfortunately ended. My family and I had just been to the capital of England to watch our beloved team Hull city play against Sheffield united in the F.A cup semi-final.

My mum was fetching the bags from the car whilst I was checking the T.V guide for the game so that we could watch the replay, and making sure that I was not on T.V!

We had all just got settled and we had already watched the first half of the game. At this point we were winning 2-1.

Then suddenly there was a loud and unusual knock on the front door which made me jump with fear. I gingerly tip toed towards the door. I opened it slowly and peeking around the corner.

It was two police officers dressed in full uniform. On their waists was handcuffs and Tasers.

Then out of nowhere he asked politely for my name in a booming voice I Replied ‘James Mansfield’. He asked if my mum or dad was in but by this time my mum had already appeared. He said ‘don’t worry you’re not in any trouble but we need to ask some witnesses about an incident that had broken out before the game between some fans.

The two officers stepped into my house and then closed the door behind them. Whilst they sat down my mum made them a hot drink. After this we spoke about the incident.

They asked us if would be able to take statements of all of us. We said ‘yes but we could not recall a lot about the incident’.

All we could remember was that the fight broke out next to the chip van, which was near to the ibis hotel. We had seen the group of Sheffield united fans pushing people out of the way on the way towards the stadium.

The fans started pushing and shoving with force and eventually they nudged a group of men who were stood just outside the bar and then suddenly punches were thrown. We did not wait around to watch because the police soon arrived on horseback to split them up.

One of the group had Sheffield united coloured hair (red and white) My mum then remembered that we had taken photos of us all near the chip van were the incident had kicked off.

One of the officers then suggested that they should take copies of the photos for evidence.

After we had shown them the photos they thanked us for all the help. A few weeks later ewe had found out that the men who had caused trouble by fighting had been arrested due to our evidence. 

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