The Visitor

i am a year 9 student doing my narrative assessment in English.




The Visitor

The chilly wind brushes past my ears, the parents shouting and the referees whistle is nothing compared to the rain drops bashing of their bodies. The ball sliding through the soaking wet grass and the shivers from head to toe as the water hits their skin, this is the game and this is him.

Who? Who is he? The mighty tall, shy boy, he is elegant, gliding past! Also determined. He has big blue eyes with a multiple colours for his neat hair, well as you know this not one ordinary boy, his talent of the game is astonishing. He will be noticed one day!

He has six annoying older sister and two horrid older brothers he needs a break, especially also because his father is critically ill, him and his father were best friends as well as father and son, they both loved the same things and would tell each other anything and everything but all his father wishes for is for his son to make it professional.

Well, this game was like no other, this was like a one hundred meter sprint, it is very exciting but would be over in a flash, just one mistake could cost. This was the big one that we have all been waiting for.

He was really looking forward to this but one thing has made him be a bit curious there has been a mysterious man that kept coming to their games, none of his other team mates noticed him but he did, maybe this mysterious man wanted him? But what for?

Normally he was watching the warm up but he wasn’t, he thought nothing of it. It was pouring down the pitch was getting worse and worse than we all got in for the team talk then their he was, in a big black jacket standing far away past the trees. The parents cheered and the whistle went.

So It begin, their past victory against their have shook them up but not today they are ready and he us too, fierce opposition were not letting anything past , they had awesome talent and determination to finish everything.

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