The Visitor

this is a story about a teenager that thinks he is in a dream, but he guessed wrong. all he knew that he thought that he was in his house but in a different location, in the middle of no where. and when he wakes up from this *dream* , he made the biggest mistake to wake up.


1. The Visitor


Frost ice cold wind woke me up with a shiver as I opened my sticky hazel blue eyes. I solely stretched myself out of my white covers and shuffled towards the condensate window; since when was there trees all around my house? There have never been… trees!

Trying to make belief that these things were not actually there, a sudden sound of what sounded like a thousand birds screeching outside my house. I carefully walked downstairs, somehow knowing that something is going to happen to me. Continuing wondering down my immense amount of stairs, I found that the sounds have gone; I stopped and thought. Something seems different in this place.

A sudden gust of wind struck me from my bony back as I fell to the hard, solid ground shaking. My eyes start to twitch like I have no control over them; my skinny arms and legs have no feeling in them, but I can still walk. What is happening to me? Blurring vision make me see black silhouettes. I think… but that’s not the point, I can’t see absolute anything.

Bang! I hear loud noises coming from my kitchen window. I stagger towards a mouldy corner of my living room. Starting to hear multiple footsteps coming towards my direction, I try to keep as quiet as I can. Who is coming for me? Why are they trying to find me?

The footsteps are getting closer, I can sense them! They both walk into the room. They are both dressed in fully black outfits with a black ski mask on and hoods up. They almost looked like death. What is this? One of the men stared at me with his black bloodshot eyes as my breathing got heavier and heavier. He stormed towards me as I struggled to crawl away from his terrifying present. I needed to get away from this hell; I’m trapped like a baby in its cot. It felt like a blink of an eye until he grabbed me and lifted me up to his level.

I stared at his blacked out devil eyes; that was the last thing I saw until he gave me an almighty punch to knock me out and drop me on the hard marbled, frozen floor.

I woke up from this, what I thought, dream. I was in my bedroom; sun shining through my blinds as I heard more footsteps. This time it was my dad. I shouted for him in joy but, he didn’t respond. Why can’t I feel anything in my body? Not my heartbeat, hands, arms, legs nor breathing. My father turned softly; I saw a tear in his eye. It fell onto his cheek, then onto his chin. I watched it drip off. I’m starting to think that dream was not really a dream. I asked what the matter is. But again… no reply.

He reached for a picture of white it looked like, like a picture of me… he whispered to himself, “why you son? Out of everyone, why you!”


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