The Visitor

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  • Published: 1 May 2015
  • Updated: 1 May 2015
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Written by one of my fantastic students, this narrative is about a family with a young girl. They have substantial family issues which mean her dad makes the difficult choice to leave. They meet again. This is her story.


1. The Visitor

It was the 2nd July 1990, and our family holiday was just over the horizon. My day to day life was hard sometimes, with my mum and dad arguing all the time.  I mean, I would leave for school, they would be arguing, I would come home from school, they would be arguing. It was just a constant rollercoaster, and I was fed up! So, I was hoping that this ‘Happy Holiday’ so to be would really help us all as a family. It was the night before our holiday. I was excited, nervous, a bit of both really, I was hoping it would be really good fun, but if my dad isn’t happy none of will be, trust me. Six hours later, we were here, In Egypt. The hot, shiny sun shining down onto the soft, smooth sand like a spotlight at a concert. The relaxing influence of the light blue sea as the ‘WHOOSH!’ takes you off into a relaxing day dream as the waves slither back and forth. A week later, we were home, what a holiday!

My mother was such a lovely person she was: Kind hearted, willing, Cheerful and she would do anything for anyone (The nicest person you would ever meet). Then, there was my dad. He on the other hand was not so nice! He could be lovely. But only when it suited him. When I was younger (around 4 or 5) I never realised this whole ‘war’ against my mum and my dad was really even happening. But as I have grown I have started to realise what was actually going on, it must of being going on for at least 4 years! Three years of constant arguing? You couldn’t imagine that could you? All that I have wanted over the past few years is for my mum and dad to get along, but now I realise. That’s probably not going to happen. My mum and dad are both quite people, keep themselves to themselves. But when they argue, I ensure you, everyone will know, my mum will shout and my dad’s violent, loud reply will follow as loud at a tortured tiger!

We returned off our holiday, at 2am in the morning, it took five hours to get home. “Straight to bed” my mum said in a very tired way. I did what she said and went straight to bed, after all that had been going on I needed the sleep! ‘BING, BING, BING!’ my alarm went off. It wasn’t ment to. I was 8am! I was awake now. So, I got dressed and I went downstairs. I didn’t see my dad in his bedroom; he must of being down stairs. My mum was asleep. So I went downstairs…

1 step. 2 step. 3 step. 4 step. I was downstairs. All the rooms where dark so I went into the kitchen, it was dark too. I turned on the light and it was a note. A note. On a scrappy piece of paper, it could only mean one thing.

It read:



He had gone, gone for good. He was evil, leaving such a blunt note. I didn’t react, I just paused…

My mum came downstairs “Where is your dad?” she said suspiciously. “Read the note!” I replied. So she did, her reaction was very similar to mine. She was bothered on the inside but she didn’t want to show it on the outside. We both realised that we didn’t need him and his stroppy, moody ways. And it was time to move on!

It is now April 26th 2012 and I am 30. My dad has been gone for just over 20 years, and those 20 years has seemed to have flown by. Isn’t it amazing how fast time can fly by? My mum is aboard and she has also, like me, moved on and forward with her life. She has a new partner who treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

It was May 1st 2012 and on that day, I was at work, I left the house at 8am. I was a teacher of Maths, I loved my job and everything about, and I wouldn’t change it for any other job! I returned home around 5:30pm.  I unlocked my door, to be greeted by a huge pile of post blocking my door. I picked up the post and placed it on the counter, Bills, Bills and Bills. Not what I really wanted to see on a Monday night! I saw a bright blue card laying within the letters. I stopped. The card…

I read:

Robert Briggs

 A Friendly Window Cleaning Service


Call On: 09876753525

Book Now For Your Ultimate Window Cleaning!!

I knew it! It was my dad. There was only thing I could do in this situation. Ring that number, and ring it as fast as I could! And that’s exactly what I did. “RING RING        ” As the phone slowly reached my ears. “Hello, Robert Briggs Window cleaning service, how can I help?” It was my dad. (I wasn’t quite sure how to react) It was strange hearing his voice. He sounded exactly like he did 20 odd years ago. “H-H-H-H-E-LL-OO” I stumbled slowly. I hung up! I couldn’t do it, I gave it a few moments, I realised that I needed to ring back, I had no choice. I had to do it not only for me but for my mum as well. So I did! Even though me and my mum had both moved on. We still needed to see him; he was still my dad and still my mum’s first love!

And that was the day; I rang and spoke to my dad. I had sorted everything out and I felt so proud of myself. We now all catch up on a Tuesday night and have tea together and have a good family chat. Who thought that something so bad could turn out so good? Well it did for me!

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