The Visitor

I wrote it for my year 9 assessment, its about a family's life that changes forever because of an accident.


1. The Vistitor

The Visitor


          I was rudely awoken by the sound of my Mother crying. I rush through my bedroom onto the landing with one eye still stuck shut and the covers draping of off me. “Mum?!” I shouted “mum what’s wrong?!” she was sat on her bed in her purple puffed night gown bringing it up to her eyes to wipe the tears away, with the phone beside with buzzing noise coming from it I sit with her in my arms and she cries some more.               I look into her hazel, soft eyes and ask “Mum what’s happened?” “There’s…” she takes a breath to try and stay calm, “there’s been and accident, w…with Emily and Adam.”  (My brother and sister, both my older siblings.) My voice cracking, “what’s happened to then? Are they okay? W… When did it happen?” “Stop!” she interrupts me but I continue to ask questions “where are they now?” “STOP!” she screams at me. “It was a car accident, we don t know the details yet but Emily’s in hospital now… so we need to go.” She gathers her things and puts some clothes on acting as if I didn’t realise. “What about Adam?”                    She avoided me the whole time on the way to the hospital. I ask again “Mum?” she doesn’t reply, “What’s happened to Adam? Where is he?” she finally replies, “We don’t know” her voice was delicate. “What do you mean you don’t know?!” I panic. “They couldn’t find him anywhere” she answers briefly as we arrive to the hospital “come on” she says still avoiding the subject.                                                                                                  When we entered the hospital the bright lights glared at me and gave me burns on my eyes so I could see blue shapes. The strong smell added to stress and I began to develop a migraine so I decided to step outside as my mother was trying to find where we had to go.                                                                                                              The air was cold but refreshing. The night sky was black; I took a walk around the corner of the building to be alone and away from the hectic stress of the situation. I should be with my family but I feel I will only make matters worse, I don’t want to see my sister in that state, I won’t be able to cope! I walk some more to find some street lights. Always loved the way the gold lights burst into the darkness. Underneath one of the posts there’s sine nurses giggling and smoking. I decide to turn back and enter the hospital again.                       I find my father in the waiting room with his head in his hands “Dad?” he looks up but I am already hooked onto him with my arms locked. He turns to hug me back. “Why aren’t you with you with mum and Em?” “I just came to get some drinks for us all” his kind, caring. Blue eyes filled with tears although he is not crying I can see his pain. “Let’s go up and see her, she’s doing fine and she’s already awake!”                                            We entered the room and there she was, just a few scratches but still in one piece thankfully. She dint notice me and Dad as we stayed at one side of the room, she was speaking to the police office. Her voice was the same “it was dark. Adam sat next to me, recklessly driving as usual, it was near some fields and we were driving home, from work. He kept on turning corners and laughing, swinging from side to side with the music loud. He was on his phone, I asked him look where he was going but he took no notice. He dropped his phone leant down to pick it up and his hand slipped from the wheel, last thing I remember is the car bouncing against the tree.” “So… nothing after that? Nothing of your brother?” said the police officer. “No, sorry.”  She replied.                                                                                      I ran to her bed side to give her a hug. ”Hey!! You’re okay!” I said in a happy way whilst hugging her. “My head hurts but they said it will go away soon.” She replied in a not so happy way. Mum interrupted “Think we should leave her to rest.” “Yes okay.” I replied. Mum and I went into the bathroom. I asked her more questions as I wasn’t completely sure as to what had happened. “Mum, tell me now. What happened to Adam? Where is he?!” she turned and said “the police are doing their best but we don’t know! He’s disappeared!” she began to cry. I comforted her but cried also.                                                                                                      Dad stayed at the hospital but we went home, we don’t want to get in the way. I could barely sleep. Mum wasn’t sleeping but she told me to her alone. I just waited for the next day and prayed that wherever Adam was he was okay.                                                                      The next day was a rush. Mum woke me. Made me get dressed and we rushed to the hospital. Mum and dad left me with Emily for the day. I watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful. Her eyes fluttered like butterflies when they opened. She looked at me in concern, “who are you?” “I’m Lauren? Your sister?!”  “Oh yes” I was worried “did you forget me?” she hesitated, “no, no you …you just looked different in this light that’s all.” We sat in silence as I looked at her but she avoided me with her eyes.                                                     “I had a dream, about Adam.” “What happened?” “well it was where I had woken up in the middle of the night and I needed a cig’ so I went outside, the nurses let me. And he was there, under the street light. He had his hood up and came up to me, said he was sorry for everything and said he’ll visit me more but he has to go. And then he left. I shouted of him to come back but he was gone, and that was it.” We sat in silence again; I could tell she was upset. The door burst open and the nurse came through with her dinner. “Here you go my love!” she stayed to speak to us.                   “How’s your head then?” said the nurse. “Getting better thank you!” replied Emily. “Were you okay last night?” “What?” said Emily bluntly? “Well it’s just that when you came back you looked oblivious and was talking nonsense.” Explained the nurse. “Came from where?!” “From having a cig’?” she continued “you were saying stuff like “he’ll be visiting me tomorrow.”                 Me and Em looked at each other in shock and in sync said “it wasn’t a dream.”                                                                                   

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