The Visitor

This story is for a year 9 assessment. It is about a grandma with dementia.


1. The Visitor

The Visitor

    An absent mind struck. Everything was ordinary, up until this day. Nobody saw this coming! Grandma was cursed with dementia.

Everybody was shocked, me, Grandfather, Mother, and certainly Grandma. This was the day that changed my whole families’ life.

    “Why Grandma? Why not me?” I bawl out anxiously to my mother. I’m perched on the edge of an ancient frayed chair, with mother sat right beside me. I dread to think how distressed mother is right now, but most of all, grandfather. Grandma was the most devoted woman to grandfather. I always remember when she lovingly gazed over to grandfather, as they sat side by side in their grand chairs in their vintage lounge. But today, they sit side by side in hospital bed.

     Grandma was gowned in a sky blue cloak and grandfather in brown ribbed chinos and a smart white shirt, paired with brown brogues and a belt to hold his baggy chinos up as he was as thin as a sheet of paper.

     Dementia is possibly the worst illness anyone could ever be cursed with, although no illness is a blessing.

     Hopefully waiting, mother starts to tremble, as the tests are being held in the ward. Silence stretched across the dismal hospital as more tension began to build up, as my teeth began to chatter. Grandma was calmly drifting further and further away every minute. Grandma’s illness has taken over!

     The next day came; this was the best day in a while. Grandma was discharged from hospital. Everybody roared happily.

    The night that grandma was discharged; a visitor appeared secretly at her front door. She saw the strange figure appear through the tinted glass window, strolling towards the front door.

      Grandma suspiciously opened the door, “can I help you?” she gasped to the figure standing patiently. Who turned out to be a woman? “Yes, I have come to look after you.” The woman replied, “Oh, do please come in”.

       The woman was extremely familiar to me, but I’m not too sure what grandma thought of her. She thought it was her carer.

       Dementia hit like a bullet booming through the sky. Grandma was back in hospital trying to find a cure for her illness, but this wasn’t possible.

       Another ‘woman’ sat beside grandma, but this was no woman at all. This was grandfather. Grandma saw grandfather with permed grey curly hair with a womanly shaped body, wearing a gown. But of course grandfather did not know this.

       Grandfather carefully took grandmas hand, as she nervously pulled away in terror. Grandma began to get worse.

      A few days passed and grandma was gone. Who everyone loved had slipped through their fingers and would never return again.

      An oak brown coffin decorated in beautiful flowers to represent grandma, passed through everyone as we whimper holding hands, row by row. 

      The visitor was mother. Someone who grandma knew but never found out who the figure actually was, all she thought was that it was her carer.


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