Meet Maureen Carter whose life was similar to Elsa in Frozen. But guess what's wrong..... She is one sort of person who dreamed of a day where she would escape the home/prison from her step-parents. She shut herself up and kept herself to the darkest and most damp spots in her heart, until one day...............


1. Before..........


Maureen Carter - Natalie Portman

Calvin Newman - Ansel Elgort

Thor Longfellow - Adam Devine

Mr. Carter - Tony Goldwyn

Mrs. Carter - Kate Winslet

Micheal Carter - Jai Courtney

Olivia - Lotee Veerback  


Some Rules

Do not post this story anywhere else. It's plagarism and illegal.

If you want to post this story in an other language, inform me through a message and post it but put me as the main writer.

Don't advertise your own stories. I will not encourage it.




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