Life is like a box of chocolates

In this story I compare candy to situations in my life.
This started out as an English assignment, our teacher gave us. Then I decided to post this on Movellas.
Feel free to suggest pieces of candy for me to describe, and I'll try to write it into my story.
-this is NOT a suicide story
-everything is 100% true


2. Chocolate Toffee Twist

My feelings for my chocolate started out a little bitter sweet. The chocolate was covered with dark chocolate, and I'm not the biggest fan of dark chocolate. In my opinion the dark chocolate tasted like dirt -dry and bitter.

And at times my life felt like that too. Somedays I was on top of the world, and others I was a doormat, everyone could step on. All because of some so called "friends". They had the power to decide, if my day was going to be a good or a bad day. And like all friends, we got into arguments once in a while, but normally they would start talking to me again after a few days. But this time they didn't. They completely ignored me, and acted like I didn't exist. That made my confidence level drop. Nobody wanted to talk to me, because I wasn't "popular" anymore. I had no friends. And to be honest I didn't think, anything would get better -neither my chocolate of my life. But it did.

The chocolate turned out to be filled with the most wonderful caramel filling, that tasted oh so good! it made me forget the bad things and focus on the good qualities. Now my life wasn't quite at that level of happiness, but it was getting there.

I started to hang out with people from other classes, and they made me so happy. And just like my chocolate they made me forget the bad things in my life, and remember the good ones. I felt comfortable, and like people didn't care if I was "popular" or not. They liked me for who I was. The sound of switching classes started to sound better and better.

But even though the caramel filling taste extremely good, it was sticky and hard to bite into. Kind of like my situation:

I don't like it or feel comfortable, and I want to switch classes, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Piece of chocolate: Chocolate Toffee Twist

Rate: 7/10

Feel free to suggest, prices of candy for me to try!

[I need some advice on what to do, please help me]

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