And In An Instance


3. The Party

I walked slowly to the principal’s office and decided I may as well see who got me in trouble

*3 new text messages*

As I tapped the message it read Justin. Of course it would be Justin err. The text read;

Rachael, are you still coming to the party?

Hello why aren’t you answering?

Text me soon


'Oh my god, he is so clingy' I thought. I text him back


Yeah, ill be there can I bring a few friends?


I finally made it to the principal’s office and sat down to wait. Justin finally text me back.

Whatever just not to many we don’t want the cops turning up and ruining it the info is in your locker on a piece of paper do you need a ride cause I can pick you up tonight.


Right then the principal Mr Tiniso called me over I shoved my phone in my bag and walked over. He looked annoyed; I sat down and waited for the lecture. I waited in silence for a minute as he finally spoke

Err Rachael Warner is it?”

Yes sir

So you’ve been kicked out the class for irresponsible usage of your mobile phone in class, we have a strict no phones policy at our school, miss Warner”

I’m sorry Mr Tiniso. It won't happen again. Will you please let this slide?” I said, trying for an innocent angle.

He looked at me, unsure then sighed.

Okay, Miss Warner. Just this once, but you still have detention for an hour in block A. Now I'm sure you have better things to do than hang around here and I have a lot of work to do, so you may leave”

I walked out his office only to see Ashton walking into it, giggling. He smiled at me and I went red. I turned back only to see the door shut in my face. I made my way to my locker now knowing I didn’t need any more books for the day. I reached my locker only to have a note fall out with an address, a time, and to bring alcohol (optional) I giggled 'Of course there would be alcohol'

I put it in my small green backpack with stars on it. I made my way to block A and started to text Justin.

Forget about the ride home. I'll be in detention. Sorry. See you at the party

I pressed send and turned my phone off. So not getting in trouble for that again

I knocked at the door and it opens only to see about six students in the room. I hand the teacher my note and motions for me to sit near the window, up the back. I sat down and got out a small notepad and a magazine. I may as well pick through the fashion section and write down cute clothes. After all I’m going to be here half an hour after school ends.

I opened the magazine and a few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. I kept reading and felt someone sit at the table next to me. I heard a giggle and I knew instantly who it was.


Ashton what are you doing in here?”

I could say the same about you”

 He chuckled and I smiled 'His smile and laugh makes my heart skip a beat'. The teacher then looked at us and called our names

Absolutely no talking in detention or ill move you to the front”

We both nodded and looked down.

Ohhh moved to the front. Scary...better not talk then”

I tried my hardest not to laugh.

Shhhh you’ll get us into trouble”. Ashton ripped out a page out of his notebook and scribbled on the page, he passed it to me secretly and it read.

So what happened in the principal’s office?

I looked at him strangely and repeated what he said to me earlier.

Well I could ask the same about you

He smiles and began to write back.

Touche. Well thanks to you I couldn’t stop laughing in class and got sent out as well, oh and by the way Danielle said to text her, she slipped her number in your pencil case, now your turn

I got a warning and detention, so there’s a party at Nathan’s tonight. Are you going?

Ashton hesitantly began writing.

I don’t know. I might but Justin might not like that idea

I furiously wrote down,

Ashton he said I could bring people and I’m going and maybe Danielle so you could hang around us please and wrote the address and time down with it

He smirked and began writing. Maybe but if I do can I bring some mates?

Of course you can so ill see you tonight then?

Maybe, maybe not


(ill add more to this chapter as i continue editing :) )

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