And In An Instance


2. First Day

I woke from my weird dreams when my alarm clock annoyingly reminded me that school was mandatory and I had to go. I looked at the time. 6:40am! My alarm must be jealous of me and my bed’s relationship. It’s definitely trying to tear us apart. I got up and put on my blue demin jacket with my black skinny jeans and white top with my black converses. I curled my hair and it falls down past my elbows, perfectly framing my face. I put a little bit of makeup on, trying for the natural-not-natural look and grabbed my sunnies. I grabbed a vanilla yoghurt and filled my thermos with coffee. Gotta start the day right with coffee I thought as I grabbed a plastic spoon. I slung my pre-packed school bag, heavy from blank notebooks and god-knows-why-I-need-anything-else and walked out the door, laptop in arm. I put my sunnies on and walked out the door onto the driveway to wait for Justin. I juggled my stuff in arms to grab my phone out of my pocket. 7:20. Please be the nice guy who shows up early not the jerk who shows up late I thought as I saw a really nice car pull up in front of me. Oh. My. God!! Wow, An electric blue Aston Martin Vanquish Volante!! Again, let me repeat myself…Oh. My. God!!!


Omg Justin!! This car is amazing!!” I said as I hovered my hand over the electric blue paint, afraid that if I touch it, I will destroy it. Then another thought occurred to me. Please don’t be the douche who drives impressive cars to impress girls…PLEASE!!! Because it’s working.


He looked at me then the car and laughed. “This car is crap. It’s my dads’ old car that he gave to me. We have plenty of other cars at our other houses”


Oh no, Justin didn’t just have MONEY. He had MONEY!!!! I thought as my head snapped towards him and I thought my jaw hit the floor. “Other houses?” I squeaked.


He looks at me weirdly, like I should have already known. “Yeah… other houses. We have holiday houses all up and down the coast. Didn’t your mum tell you anything about us?”


I stood there, speechless. I love a lot of things as much as I love the coffee in my hand and one of them is money. I inwardly whimpered. He chuckled and opened the door for me. Money? Check. Manners? Check. Looks? A definite check. I sat in the passenger seat and nearly cry. Omg! It’s so comfortable. I am in heaven!! I sung in my head. He hopped in the drivers’ seat and started the engine. He started driving to school and I wound the window down and felt the wind play with my hair. Justin laughed again. Amazing laugh that makes my heart race when I hear it? Uh…CHECK. When we finally arrived at school. Justin parked in a reserved parking spot in the shade out the front. Did his family pay for a parking spot for him? As I got out, I noticed that everybody was staring at me and Justin.


Uh… Justin why is everyone staring?” He didn’t answer, just grabbed my arm and silently walked me to the office to get my timetable. I got my locker combination for the locker room and I placed my books I didn’t need in it. The bell rung as if on cue.


Justin walked me to my first class; Music. Figures I thought. I once loved music when I was younger but then one day, I just… stopped. I don’t know why. Now I don’t really like music classes, but knowing my luck it was the only class left that had a few spaces left.


Hey, meet me outside of the school at lunchtime. You can meet my mates”. I smiled ‘yes’ and waved him goodbye. I walked in and considering that everyone was pretty much in there, I looked like an idiot, all eyes were on me. I took a breath and confidently – on the outside – to the teacher. I handed her my ‘I’m new’ note and went to sit down. The teacher started writing on the board and while his back was turned, a tall boy quickly rushed in. He had curly, sandy blonde hair, forest green eyes and his smile was just…wow. He wore a singlet that had the words ‘Live Forever Young’ and an infinity symbol inside a triangle inside a circle and some skinny jeans which showed of his ass and…omg, wow. I was mesmerized. Not just ‘oh my god’ mesmerized but ‘I don’t even know your name but I’ve already named our children’ mesmerized.


 “Ashton you’re late. Go and sit down, quick. I need to start my lesson” The teacher said curtly, not turning around. He’s names Ashton. I don’t know how but that name made me…hawt!! And he being late was a natural occurrence. Bad boy or just loses track of time a lot? I vote for the latter not the former.


He nodded and went to sit at his table with 3 other guys. He was oh my god perfect. I occasionally watched him. Everything about him screamed perfection. When he concentrated, he bit his lip. His green eyes glowed when he talked to his friends, like sunshine through the green leaves of a forest. His laugh was musical and somehow it made my heart race even faster than it does when Justin laughs. Ashton was the whole package. His smile literally lit up my world and made me smile too. Then before I knew it, the bell rung and I hadn’t realised until I saw him walking out with his friends. I picked up my books and slung my bag on my back and hurriedly walked out. Arriving first was embarrassing enough but leaving last? No thanks, I’ll pass. I was walking to the front entrance to meet Justin and thought about how, now, my heart was pulled in two directions. Who will I choose if the opportunity arrives? Will I choose? Then, all of a sudden, I bumped into someone and dropped all my books and my forms for school. Damn it, three times in two days. I need to break that habit!


Omg! I am so sorry” I gushed, bending down to pick up my books. The boy bent down too and when I looked up to thank him but not to worry, the breath literally rushed out of my lungs in one second. Forest green eyes meet mine and his smile was all I could see. He was more gorgeous up close. I could see his imperfect dimples, his immaculate, chiselled jawline cut through that smile of his. And his eyes…again, wow!


It’s okay. I haven’t seen you around before, and I haven’t seen you in Music class before so are new here?”


I nodded. Gosh, why am I so nervous around him? “Well, aren’t you a detective?” He laughed at my joke. I must have died and gone to heaven I thought. As he was picking up my forms and books, Justin came up behind him and rudely interrupted


Rachael, are you okay? What did he do?” I murmured  thank you to Ashton and looked up at Justin


No. I bumped into him because I wasn’t looking where I was going and he was helping me pick my stuff up” Justin looked at Ashton, calculating whether or not he should threaten him. Boys and their egos. I wasn’t even dating one of them and they were already sizing each other up. The tension was suffocating me. I needed to get out soon. Slowly, he looked at me.


Fine, okay, whatever. I’ll meet you at the doorway” He walked towards the entrance and I looked at Ashton who was staring at me.


Sorry about that, that must have been really awkward and weird” I said, frowning at Justin’s behaviour.


He chuckled. “No, its okay. I know Justin, is he your boyfriend or something?”


I snorted. What. Was. That? Very attractive, Rach. Soon all the boys will be swarming around you. I thought sarcastically. “What? No. Like you said, I’m new here and he lives next door to me. He is just letting me sit at his group”


 Ashton looked worried. I will never understand guys. “So I’ll see you next music class?”


Duh. I’m never late” He chuckled and we both walked off.


I walked to Justin where he stood impatiently at the entrance, tense. “Hey thanks for waiting for me”


 He looked angry. “Ashton, he’s not a good guy, okay? I wouldn’t go there if I were you”


I opened my mouth to defend Ashton or ask him what his deal was but he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his group. Obviously, we were moving on.


Hey guys, this is Rachael” His mates smiled and waved. “This is Liam, Nathan, Cody and Josh. She’ll be joining us at our party tonight”


I…what? I opened my mouth then closed it. I don’t know why but I felt completely stupid.


You will be coming to the party tonight, won’t you Rachael?” Justin asked, looking at me pointedly. I felt like a deer in headlights. I could stay there and get hit or move. I could say yes and go to a strangers a party or say no and look rude and make Justin look like a complete idiot.


 I opened my mouth and closed it again, groping for an answer that wouldn’t leave either of us in the dark. All boys looked at me, waiting for an answer. I felt like I had walked in late at another class.

Finally, I decided I’d tell him the answer later today. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

I’ll text you later, okay?”


He looked at me in disbelief. “Uh… okay… then” The boys all looked at me as if I was the first girl not to gush yes to him a million times over. Well, Justin. There’s a first for everything, isn’t there? I thought, wearily. I was already exhausted. I knew that he didn’t like me saying maybe later but he didn’t seem angry at me for it.


Thankfully, the bell rung for our next set of classes. Justin quickly gave me a hug.


I’ll meet you in the entrance after school. I’ll give you a lift home. You know, seeing as how it’s not out of my way. Like seriously, not out of my way” He said, smiling and I smiled back. I didn’t know what his deal was with Ashton but it’s none of my business. I liked Justin. He was starting to become something familiar and safe in this unfamiliar town. I headed to English class and sat down. As I got out my books, a girl suddenly sat next to me and smiled. I looked at her, warily.


Hi, I’m Danielle but my friends call me Danii for short. What’s your name” How can she be so happy? Maybe she likes school. No!! She better make up for it other departments otherwise I cannot associate myself with her.


 “Rachael. Nice to meet you” I said, smiling. To trust her or not to trust her?


Rachael…” She said. “I like that name. Hey, you know what? I’ll think I’ll take that name and call my first daughter that. You don’t mind, do you?” I’m going to trust her. First, she likes my name. Second, she wants to name her first daughter after me and third, she’s really pretty and her happiness is rubbing off me.


Sure, no problem. And thanks” I smirk. We start talking and after a few seconds, Ashton walks in the room. “So where do you…” I trailed off, my eyes instantly drawn to him. Oh. My. God. He is still as ungodly as ever. I mean, if he was a god, I would sacrifice myself on his alter…if you get what I mean. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to him. But the question was is he as drawn to me as I am to him? .

 Ashton walks over to the table behind me and sits down, I blush, knowingly. Danielle is still talking to me but I have completely zoned out. I look behind me and see Ashton getting his stuff out of his bag. I blush a deeper shade of rose.

Rachael Warner, do you have something that’s more important to add than me teaching my lesson”

The teacher interrupts my train of thoughts.

Damn. First day and I'm already in trouble. I've really done it this time. sir... I...I was just …” I trailed off as I noticed that the whole class was staring at me. My phone went off and I pulled it out of my bag to check it. Then I realised a little too late, I was digging myself a deeper hole that I may not ever be able to get.

Rachael. I think its time you took a trip down to the principals office, don't you? I cant have you distracting my class” I was astonished 'all because I pulled out my phone?!'

I packed up my things and took the note off my teacher. I waved to Danielle who was giving me a look of shame and shook her head. I glanced over at Ashton who was chuckling at his desk and looked up and smirked and me I smiled back and I made my way to the principals office in shame.

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