I'm writing this for that Sherlock Holmes challenge and I've never really written a mystery book, but heere goes nothing! ;)


1. Prolouge

I am in a room. A plain room. There are two chairs and a table in the center. No windows. No doors. No vents. No escape. I'm a guinea pig in a cage. I look back at the center and a curly brown locked woman is standing there in a red dress. Adanah. Her name appears in my mind as mysteriously as she did.


I'm in a metal chair at a nice little table. It is night and I have a Lemonade. I sip casually while in reality I'm watching a man. He is wearing a suit and conversing with two other buisness men. His red hair is combed in a bizarre wavy design, but then again every normal thing to me is bizarre. I stand up and leave as my black scarf blows in the wind.


I am in the woods. Hunting. My prey is fast and I only see flashes of white or silver. It is fast, but I know I stopped it from eating for days now and it will tire. I tear through the underbrush and a murder of crows fly away. I run across the forest floor. I hear it panting and know it'll be caught up to soon.


I run down stairs. There is an intense burning feeling on my feet as if they are bare on hot coals, but I have to keep running. I can't stop. To stop is to die. Like a shark. I see a door and I reach it. My hope. I open the door to escape. A blast knocks me down and I see red


My prey is losing. He knows it. Never the less, he blindy blunders through the woods. Finally I have caught up now I just need an opening. I get a clear shot. I ready my shot...but can't shoot him. He is too young. Too vulnerable. Too innocent. Too human. Tears go down the childs face and he begs, "Just do it alread-dy, please, save me from th-them." I can't. My back up tranquilizes him. I've failed.


My black scarf is in the seat next to me as I drive away. As I run away. But even I can't escape what I know is happening and despite my efforts I imagine it. The red head is at the table talking buisness, when he suddenly  starts to laugh. At first it is like one of the other men said a joke, but their puzzled expresions say they didn't. Then it gets louder and scarier. Then pyschotic. Red rivers of red sprout from his mouth and he continues to laugh. He dies by his worst fear. Laughing to death.


I'm in a metal chair again. This time I'm strapped in it. Adanah is smiling. I'm scared. "Don't worry" honey and ice in the form of her voice says,"Your never gonna be scared again. " She smiles as I protest. Smiles as I'm electrocuted, stabbed, and put through pain. She smiles as I scream. And wider when I can't. She smiles when I faint. She smiles as my eyes die. Her teeth become soaked in red that runs from her ruby glossed lips. 


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