Larry Stylinson One-Shots

Larry Stylinson short stories. I write all of these... Some will be based off of others I've seen before and some are all my own. I hope you enjoy. x


6. #6 {Panic}

This one kinda sucks whoopsies

It was a dark day, and the clouds in the sky cried and cried, and rumbled and grumbled. Exhausted children shuffled into the eery school building, some hurriedly trying to study for an upcoming quiz forgotten about the night before.

Louis stumbled into his first class of the day, expecting a boring lesson as usual. It was far from it.

"Class, we have a new student here at Doncaster High School! He just moved here from Holmes Chapel. Everybody welcome and respect Harry Styles!" The teacher introduced the new boy over enthusiastically like she always was.

Louis immediately noticed the boy's embarrassed blush, and his nervous smile. He was cute. The only desk open was in front of him, so Lou got to admire the boy all class long.

By lunchtime, Louis noticed Harry sat alone. Louis sat alone too, no one wanted to sit with him for reasons he couldn't help, so Louis decided they could sit alone together.

"Hiya Harry!" he greeted him as he strolled over to the lonesome lunch table. "Erm, hello" Harry replied quietly. "Sorry if I sound creepy knowing your name and all, I was in your first class today" "Oh, okay.." Harry looked down at his lap and back at the boy standing before him wearing baggy, red sweat pants, a low cut blue tee shirt and a gray beanie. He was cute. Harry was shy.

"Uh I'm Louis. Tomlinson." Louis held his food tray in one hand and reached his other out to shake hands. Harry stuck gladly returned the action and gave it a hearty shake. "Wanna sit?" He offered. "Sure" Lou agreed.

"So have you made any good friends yet?" Louis tried to make friendly conversation. "Ehm, not really" he let out a nervous laugh. Louis thought he looked adorable the way he giggled.

"Well, that's okay. It's just your first day here" he assured. "Yeah"

"Oh, look. Is there another fag joining your crew, eh Tommo?" A boy behind Harry taunted. Harry nearly had a heart attack. He moved away from his old town precisely because of this. Harry wanted to move away because of the bullies, because of people knowing of his sexuality.

"Oh, piss off Malik" Louis shot back. "I'm sorry, don't listen to him. They just like to bother me" "Are you like, actually gay?" Harry asked curiously. "Yeah, I hope that's okay. Most don't want to be my friend because of it" Louis said hopeful, but with a not so subtle hint of sadness. "I'd love to be your friend, Lou" Harry smiled. "I have a secret I gotta tell you" "Okay" "I'm gay too" Harry smiled. He was afraid to say it but he wanted to start off this friendship with no lies. "Cool, thanks for being honest. I'm glad we can be honest with each other. Good to uh, start a friendship off honest" Lou trailed off. He was relieved. Someone else was finally like him.

The day went on. Harry was bothered only once more by others. Louis was a lot more. Eventually they went home, and Louis wished he got Harry's number to chat with his new mate.

The next day was perfect and sunny. Harry and Louis walked each other to their first period class which they shared. Sitting next to each other, they chatted about the most random of things until class started.

Another student walked into the class room in the middle of the lesson. "Excuse me sir do you have a pass to-" "Everyone on the ground!" he shouted, pulling a gun out of his suspicious black hoodie. The biggest school shootout was about to begin.

A girl let out a wail of shock and everyone jumped out of their seats and to the floor. Harry began to panic, becoming frantic. Louis reached over and held his hand.

"Make one more single sound and I shoot one of you fookers!" the boy shouted. Harry went into a full on panic attack. The walls caved in on him. His vision flashing from black to white and back rapidly. Breathing heavy and shallow, he clawed for more air. Louis began to panic and didn't know what to do for the poor boy. He crawled across the small pathway between their desks and engulfed the other boy in his arms, saying soft things and petting his silky hair. Harry curled up into Lou's arms and tried to breathe, it became difficult. Now all he saw was black. He hated panic attacks, he had them when he was little, and only a few recently. This one was the most difficult.

"I... I cant.. c-an't bre.. athe" Harry gasped. Louis didn't know how to help.

"I don't know or sincerely give a fuck about why the hell you've pulled a bloody gun out but this boy's having a panic attack I need to get him out of here!" Louis demanded. "Does it look like I give a shit? Shut the fuck up or I'll shoot both of you!" Harry tugged at his collar, trying to somehow fill his empty, collapsing lungs.

Louis tried to get more privacy, to get all the eyes off of them. He practically dragged Harry to the back corner of the room and set Harry in the very corner.

"Okay. I'm a shit head when it comes to dealing with difficult but i really need you to answer these questions, okay? Just nod yes or no" whispered Lou. Harry nodded his head slightly and took in a shaky breath. "Have you had these before?" Harry nodded.

"Have you ever felt this bad?" Harry shook his head.

"How long does it take to wear off?" Harry shrugged.

"Wh.. when my cuddles... me I c-an breathe... bet..ter" Harry inhaled sharply. Louis then repositioned themselves so Lou was in the corner and Harry was curled up in his lap fully.

Harry breathed a good breath for the first time in a long time.

Of course, another boy came into the class with a gun. Louis sat Harry back in the corner and squatted in front of him to protect him from the gun.

"Thats it, I'm ringing the police" Louis pulled his iPhone out of his bright blue jeans' pocket.

He could only dial two numbers before they shot him. Right in the stomach.

Harry watched his world die in front of him as the other boy bled out. Harry cried and begged for help, too loud I might add, so they shot him too. Right in the chest.

Harry woke up in a meadow. "You made it!" A cheery voice cried out behind him and wrapped their arms around his warm neck heated from the sizzling sun burning bright above them. "Hello, Lou" Harry smiled and kissed the other's cheek. "Where are we?" He asked curiously, looking around. "In heaven, silly. It's a lot to take in, I know. I freaked out at first too" "Didn't you just get here?" "Well I beat you!" Louis teased. "Always a competition with you, innit?" Harry giggled.

"I've been dying to do this" Louis smirked, and curled a hand around Harry's neck, pulling him close. He gently put his lips on Harry's, and for the first time in what felt like forever, even if they were in a different world together, Louis was happy.

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