Larry Stylinson One-Shots

Larry Stylinson short stories. I write all of these... Some will be based off of others I've seen before and some are all my own. I hope you enjoy. x


4. #4 (Marcel & Lou)

Marcel & Lou

Someone tapped their pencil to the beat of a song stuck in their head behind Marcel, making him weirdly more anxious. It was his first day of his second year of high school, and he heard the teachers are super shitty.

A line of sweat formed where his glasses sat slightly crooked on his pale face. His hair was slicked back. "Could you please just stop tapping your pencil?" he murmured forcefully behind him.

"What are you going to do about it, pal?" a boy shot back.

Marcel recognized that voice from anywhere. Louis Tomlinson, School's biggest bad boy. He just realized what shit he just got himself into.

"I- I'm sorry" Marcel said quietly, right as the teacher walked in. "Okay class, get out your agenda books..." Louis stopped listening, bored as hell.

"Who the fuck does this guy think he his, talking to you like that?" my partner in crime Zayn whispered. "Eh, at least he apologized" I shrugged. "So? Aren't you gonna still beat him up?" Zayn encouraged. "Ehm... we'll see." Louis knew the answer was actually no. This kid did seem oddly nervous, I guess his pencil tapping really could piss a guy off.

"At least give him a talking to, c'mon!" Zayn whisper shouted. "Do you have something to tell the class, mates?" The old teacher guy questioned. "Nope" Zayn sat back coolly in his chair.

Marcel was glad to get out of the class, but now it was off to P.E. . Great. He journeyed down a dark hallway, alone, until an even darker figure grabbed his arm.

"Jeepers you scared me!" Marcel cried. "Don't ever talk like that to me again in class like that, you hear?" their hood covered their face, but the low grumble was still recognizable. Again, it was Louis.

"I-I- I'm sorry about that I was just anxious about the first day of school. You see I actually have anxiet-" "Shhh" His ramblings were cut off by Lou putting a gentle finger to his lips softly. Marcel didn't know what to do.

He backed up into the lockers against the wall. Louis followed, keeping their faces close. He pushed off his hood. "Hey, Marc?" Marcel liked this nickname he was just given. "Y-yeah?"

"Can I see you without your glasses on?" Louis' voice was calm and oddly seductive to Marc. "W-why?" "You ask too many questions" Louis smirked and reached for his glasses before he could get out an objection.

"Damn." Louis mumbled. Their faces were a mere three or four inches apart. "What's the matter? Do I look bad?" Marcel grew worried, he strangely felt the need to impress this bad boy standing in front of him. "No. The opposite" said Lou, surprised.

"Louis don't you think we're going to be late for class?" "Who cares? I'd rather be here with you" Louis' voice still had that sexy hint in it, and Marcel couldn't say no to staying. "You know, I think you'd look real good without your hair all slicked back the way it is" Lou suggested. Before Marcel could get his hands there, Louis' began to slowly tussle his hair, making Marcel let out a small moan. Louis couldn't take it anymore.

He leaned forward and began to suck on Marcel's bottom lip. Marc kissed passionately back. Louis' fingers tightened around the routes of Marcel's hair, and Marc's hands found their way to Louis' waist, pulling him closer, wanting to devour the boy standing before him.

Louis slipped his tongue into the other's mouth and explored all parts of it until he could no longer breathe.

He took one hand out of Marcel's hair and lent it on the locker besides his face. "Maybe I should talk to you like that more often!" Marcel smiled cheesily. Lou laughed at his dumb comment and offered to walk him to class. "You're such a dork" he smiled.

They became a power couple. When people tried to make fun of Marcel, Louis arrived within seconds and scared the shit out of them. No one talked about his dork like that but him.

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