Larry Stylinson One-Shots

Larry Stylinson short stories. I write all of these... Some will be based off of others I've seen before and some are all my own. I hope you enjoy. x


2. #2 (Party)

I walked into the senior party confidently, glad school was finally over. I can't believe I survived school the last couple years, but somehow I made it. And now here I am entering the wildest party of my life.

My best mate Liam was by my side, but he soon disappeared when his girlfriend Sophia showed up. I tried to cross the living room to where all the drinks were, but I was pushed around by sweaty bodies dancing to the beat of the blasting music. When I thought I had finally gotten through everyone, I walked right into a guy much talker than me. I knocked an un-open beer bottle out of his hand. "Oops" I blushed and bent down to pick it up.

I passed the bud light can back to him. "Hi" he smiled. "Sorry I didn't see you there" I mumbled. He was pretty hot. "Don't worry about it. Say, I lost all my friends here, I'm just a sophomore, I don't really know anyone here. Can I hang with you for a bit?" His dimples were adorable, and of course I said yes to him.

I got myself a can. "I didn't quite catch your name" I pointed out as we got to the backyard where I could see Niall way in the woods with some other boys. "I'm Harry" Harry said. "Styles" he added. "Nice to meet ya, Harry. I'm Louis Tomlinson" I patted his back and led him to meet my friends.

"Boys, this is my new mate Harry. Harry, this is Niall, Zayn, his girlfriend Perrie, Liam, and his girlfriend Sophia" I announced. "As you can see, Niall and I ride the free from women drama roller coaster." I joked. "I've ridden that one since I was like ten!" Niall kidded. "So have I, but at least I have an excuse" I roasted him. Everyone laughed and Niall hung his head in defeat.

"Wait, what's your excuse?" Harry whispered. "I'm not into the whole, women thing. I prefer men, you know?" I said softly back. "Oh." All Harry said. What if he wouldn't like me as much now? Damnit.

Harry's pov

Oh thank god. I haven't met one hot guy that's gay too in so long. This is a relief. "You know I prefer the same kinda thing" I whispered. Lou looked back at me and smiled.

After three or four drinks later I was completely wasted. I wasn't used to drinking, and this was only my second party, like, ever. My vision was blurry and I laughed at everything everyone said.

Me and Louis made our way slowly back to the dance floor where we first met, he was looking hella hot in those red pants that made his ass look huge and his suspenders.

Louis' pov

Harry and I made it to the dance floor, and I wasn't letting Harry do anything he'd regret later. He kept trying to grind on me, which of course I allowed a little but not much more.

When the party died down I had only consumed about two drinks, so I had to drive everyone home. Everyone was Liam and Sophia (who ended up both going to the same house) Niall (who I had to walk him up to his bed room because he could barely move his feet he was so drunk) and finally Harry, who's destination was unknown. I had no idea where the kid lived, and I didn't know where to leave him.

So I took him home with me.

I didn't take advantage of him in his wasted state, so I leant him a big t-shirt and let him sleep in that and his own boxers. I just slept in mine too. I tucked Harry into one side of my queen sized bed and climbed into the other side.

"Thank you" Harry said softly, he obviously had sobered up some. "Louis, will you cuddle with me? It helps me fall asleep." He asked me, how could I say no to this adorable boy.

I scooted closer and pressed my chest against his back, wrapping my arms around his torso and burying my head into his warm neck. His hair smelt like beer but also faintly like vanilla, and it's what put me to sleep that night. In fact, it was the scent that put me to sleep the rest of the summer, and year, and life. He was the hi to my oops, the breeze to my ocean. He was my one and only, my big Hazza Bear.


sorry if this one sucks lmao i threw it together really quickly. More are coming soon though :) xo

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