Hell And High Water

Ever since the first time Nico set his eyes on the son of Poseidon, he wanted him. Not just as a friend, or even just a boyfriend, but he wanted him. After he admitted that it was Percy he had been crushing on, Percy left. He snuck away from the Argo II in the dead of night. Nico goes after him, of course, but things don't go as Nico thought. What seemed like an easy task turned into a three year hunt for the son of Poseidon. So, what happens when Nico finally finds Percy? Will things explode in his face or will they pay off abundantly? Read and find out.


8. Seven

Nico had spent days planning and preparing. The only thing he still wasn't sure about was Percy. He knew he could use the son of Poseidon for the hit in one way or another, he just didn't want to. Percy had changed so much and Nico didn't want the first thing on his hands after entering the world again to be blood.

It was already pretty late and the following day was the day. The day Nico would go to Hercs apartment and start stalking the place in person and, hopefully, carry out the hit when night fell. That was partially where Percy came in. Nico knew Percy wouldn't be very happy with what Nico had planned but it was all he had.

Percy was already sleeping, in the bed instead of the tub, and all Nico wanted to do was the same. He was exhausted, mentally and physically. He could have perfected his plan a little bit more but he knew if he spent too much time on it, he would begin to see flaws that weren't actually there. So, despite how he felt about it, Nico put the plan to the side and went to bed.


The following day, Percy woke up first. He contemplated turning the t.v. on but he didn't want to wake Nico up. That also put the idea of getting breakfast out of his mind. So, he showered and then sat in silence without even dressing in anything other than a clean pair of boxers.

During the silence, Nicos eyes lulled open. He turned to face Percy and saw that he was just sitting on his bed with the blankets wrapped around his body. Nicos eyes began to roam Percys skin. Not a single inch of what could be seen went unseen. From his cheeks, to his sholders, to his arms that clutched tightly to the outside of the blanket. Percy looked just as perfect as he had three years ago.

Nico put that thought out of his mind and focused on what was really important: what the day held for him. He yawned, alerting Percy that he was awake.

They didn't really want to say anything to each other or even acknowledge that the other exsisted. Nico had planned on walking Percy through how things were going to go but he didn't think that was going to happen now. His stupid request had made things pretty awkward between the two.

Nico got out of bed and dressed quickly, in the bathroom, and motioned for Percy to follow him out of the room with his head once he had finished. The two ate breakfast silently, but they didn't expect anything different. Nico found himself stealing glances at Percy and forced himself to stop.

The two packed up everything they had, not knowing how things would go, and headed out. Nico had been watching security cameras around Hercs appartment for days trying to learn his routine and he just hoped he had it down, since he had a change to the plan in his mind. He originally planned on checking things out for a few days but a single, split second thought brought him into reality. Herc was better than that; he would know if he was being watched, so Nico couldn't watch him. Not even for just a few hours. It could put the whole plan in jepordy.

The car ride to Hercs block was silent. Nico was running everything through his mind. Over and over again. He figured just letting Percy figure things out himself would be better so Percy wouldn't split. He knew Herc wouldn't have anyone at his place between eight and ten (his parties always started around midnight) so that was Nicos best bet. He would have preferred not to go about things while others were around.

It was still really early by the time Nico and Percy left the hotel so the son of Hades spent the entire day cleaning a hand gun that he had in his cars glove compartment. He also had a few knives in there that he sharpened, cleaned, and concealed once again in their sheaths. Once he was content that everything was suitably clean to kill something, he placed the gun and each knife back in the glove compartment and pulled out his phone. He didn't do anything with it except for snap a picture of a car before he returned the phone to his pocket. Percy realized there was probably a reason for that but he didn't know it.

The day had passed pretty quickly and night was close to falling so the two boys just sat and looked at the apartment from a safe distance.

Out of the blue, as they sat in the car for the umpteenth hour just watching the house, Percy spoke up. He had been thinking about asking the question for a while but could never figure how to word it. He still didn't know so he just came right out and said it.

"Do you still like me?"

Nico was so wrapped up in paying attention to what was going on outside the car that he missed the meaning of Percys question. "What are you talking about?"

"Back on the Argo, you said you liked me... Do you still?"

"Why would you ask that?"

Percy wasn't really sure of that himself. Why did it even matter if Nico still liked him? Percy shrugged.

Nico took that as a 'never mind' or 'you don't have to answer' sort of thing so he stayed quiet. Percy, however, looked at him still expecting a response.

Nico looked back and forth along the street and at the house as well as the notebook in his hand with the plans on it. Nico had thought the plan would go well but now that he was here and ready to go through with it, he wasn't so sure anymore. He decided the least he could d was tell Percy his part in the whole thing.

"I have you worked into the plan." It was kind of a stupid way to put it but it was all he had. Percy never said anything or even looked at him. "You get to be his reason to come out of the house."

That's when Percy looked up.

"He recognizes my face but not my voice. Since we know he's in there, we're gonna stand right under his window and have a screaming match. Say anything you want. Call me names, anything. Just do whatever you can to get him to come out of the apartment. When he comes out, get him to follow you to the warehouse on the next block. I don't care what you have to do, just get him to that warehouse. Got it?"

Percys mouth quivered as he spoke. "Whatever happened to sneaking into his apartment and drugging his ass?"

Nico looked at the son of Poseidon like he thought he was stupid. "You really think I was gonna tell Ares the truth? Hell no. For all I know, that moron could be working with this son of a bitch. I'm not gonna risk it."

Percy was still shaking his head, trying to find a way out. Trying to find a loophole. "How do you know he'll even care about us fighting down here?"

"You're loud and obnoxious and have a mad tone. If he hears it, he'll come to the window. He also has a things for damsels in distress. Or, rather, dames in distress."

It took a second for Percy to catch on. "He's gay?"

Nico shrugged. "I thought you already knew that."

"No. I did not know that."

Nico smiled dryly. "Oh, by the way, he's gay"

Percy wasn't pleased. He didn't want to make Nico angry, though, and risk being killed or sent back to the Lotus. He groweled a little. "When does this go down?"

"Now. Get out and start screaming at me."

Percy smiled like he had a brilliantly cruel idea. He opened his mouth and the 'fight' began.

"What's wrong with you?"

Nico began to play along right away, although he wasn't sure where this was going. "What's wrong with me? Seriously?"

"I told you to keep your hands to yourself, you greasy bastard." Percy opened the door and got out the car. Nico followed suit.

"You came onto me and I'm the greasy one?"

Percy slammed the door closed again. "I did not come onto you!"

"Oh really? What do you call it?"

"I was just being nice!"

"You make me fucking sick." It seemed to be working because  Nico could see lights turning on and curtains opening to see the commotion. He just hoped no one would call the police.

"I make you sick? I tell you you have a nice car, you offer to take me for a ride, and then try to take advantage of me? Why didn't you just get me drunk or something? You're obviously too low to at least ask me to come home with you!"

"Oh so you saying that you'd have sex in my car wasn't a come on?!"

The car was pretty good looking. Percy wasn't sure what it was, because he had never seem the logo before, but he could tell it was foreign made."No! It was a statement!" He began to walk away. Nico reached out and latched onto his wrist. It was a little shocking and Nicos grip was deadly tight.

"You're not going anywhere. I'm not done with you yet."

"Don't touch me!" Percys hand came into contact with Nicos cheek.

That's when a man came out of the building and shouted at Nico. "Leave the guy alone!"

Nico instantly bolted back to the car and drove away. Percy forced a fake tear and Nico couldn't help but think that Percy was a pretty good actor, and he couldn't help but be mad that Percy slapped hin. It had hurt. He just really hoped that Herc hadn't seen him and wouldn't do anything to Percy.

"Hey, are you alright?" The man put a hand on Percys back.

Percy turned toward him and wiped his face. "Yeah. I'm fine."

The hand never moved as the man kept speaking. "Was that your boyfriend?"

Percy shook his head. He knew this was Herc he was talking to and he wasn't sure what this guy might do to him. He tried to think on the fly. "First date."

"And he's already trying to get something from you?"

Percy nodded shyly.

"What happened to chivalry?"

Percy shook his head. "I don't know but I would just like to meet  guy that has a little decency." Percy felt a little awkward talking about 'meeting a guy' but he knew he had to pretend to be gay so the plan could come together.

"Most guys only want one thing from you."

"Most?" Percy tried to act flirty, but not too flirty. He had never flirted with a guy before. It felt kind of weird.

"Yeah. And then there's the few that have respect and know the difference between a compliment and a come on."

Percy had to work pretty hard, but he forced a blush. "You heard that?"

Herc nodded.

Percy smiled, forcefully. He had to figure out a way to get the guy to the warehouse so Nico could get his hands on him. He wasn't really sure how and he forced himself to think up some way to get him to the building. Could he actually do it?...

"I know I just met you, but, would you walk me home? Just in case he shows up again?"

Herc cocked his head. "Sure."

The two began walking and Herc held his arm out for Percy to take. He did so with little hesitation and forced a blush. He never knew you could force a blush... He ran his fingers along Hercs arm unknowingly but that didn't mean Herc didn't notice it. He tightened his muscles, squeezing Percys hand into his side. Silence filled between them and it scared Percy even more than he already was.

"So, what's your name?" Percy asked, truly feeling a little shy. The only reason he even bothered was to keep Herc interested long enough for Nico to show up and do what he had to do.

"Hercules. But you," He stressed the word and even boinked Percy on the nose, "can call me Herc."

Percy forced yet another blush and lowered his face a little. "What kind of a name is Hercules?"

"The one I came up with." He smirked. "It's because I'm big and mean."

"I don't think you're very mean. I mean, you came out of your apartment and made that jerk go away and now you're walking me home."

Herc smiled. "Well, I can be mean. You're too pretty to be mean to."

Percy smiled and tried to hide his face to make himself seem nervous. "You think I'm pretty?"

"Mmm." Herc hummed. "Almost too pretty."

Percy was starting to get a little nauseous. This was a little more than he expected. "Th-thank you."

Herc let out a low chuckle. "I take it you don't get called pretty very often."

Percy shook his head. He had never been called pretty before, actually. He had been called cute, attractive, handsome, even hot and sexy but never pretty. It made him uncomfortable.

"Well... you should be driving everyone crazy. Not just guys either. Girls too. I'm pretty sure you could turn straight men gay."

Wow... this guy really was laying it on thick...

Percy faked a snortle of a laugh. "I wish that were true. I'm pretty sure that I make gay men want to turn straight..."

Herc threw him a smile.

The two of them were coming up to the warehouse and Percy knew he somehow had to get Herc inside. He slowed his walk a little, but not enough to be noticed, and gripped his hand tighter on Hercs arm.

"You alright?"

Percy swallowed hard. "I heard his car. We have to hide." Percy pushed him into the warehouse and slammed himself against the wall. Herc looked at him and laughed lowly.

"Are you scared of him?"

He shrugged. "Kind of." It was actually true...

Herc stepped a little closer to him. "But you're not scared of me?"

Percy shook his head. A lie. A big lie. Percy was shaking. He didn't know what was taking Nico so long. This was a guy that could easily kill him and Nico was nowhere to be seen.

Percy didn't know where this was going and he didn't really want to.

Herc was already facing Percy and he started taking a few steps towards him.

"I like when guys aren't scared of me."

Oh... this was not where Percy wanted to be.

"So, you never told me your name."

Percy thought for a second. He couldn't just as well tell the guy his real name... "Don."

He hummed lowly in his throat. "Don. I like it. I'll have to remember it for later."

This guy.

"So, you like cars?"

Percy nodded his head.

"Yeah. Me too. I myself have a 1970 charger. Jet black. It's my favorite thing in the whole world. But I might just have to change my mind about that after tonight."

He was coming on a little too strong. Where the hell was Nico?

Percy was trying to hold out but Herc was too much. He kept searching Percys face up and down and his eyes fell on Percys lips more than once. Percy tried to act oblivious and pretend he had no idea but he felt like he was doing a really bad job at it.

"So, Don, have you ever been with anyone before?"

Herc reached out and touched a soft hand to Percys arm. He ran his fingers along the skin and watched as Percys body errupted into goosebumps from his cold fingers.

Percy swallowed hard. What the hell?!? He shook his head,  trying to keep Herc as interested as he could until Nico finally showed up. He was taking a lot longer that Percy expected.

"Are you scared to?"

Um... Percy didn't want to. It wasn't that he was scared to. He nodded a little.

"Don't be. I'll go easy on you."

That's when Herc pushed Percy really hard into the wall behind him and latched his lips to Percys neck. He whimpered and Herc whispered "Relax" into his ear before slipping his tongue over the skin.

Percy was no longer concerned about where Nico was and what was taking him so long. He was concerned with the fact that this guy was licking all over his neck and he didn't like the way he felt. His stomach was churning and his heart was racing. Every muscle in his body tensed.

"Relax, baby."

Relaxation was not the first thing Percy had on his mind. And that guy had no right to call him baby.

To top everything all off, Hercs hands were searching every inch of Percys torso. He slipped them under Percys shirt and smiled.

"I love when guys have muscle."

A slight sob emanated from Percys lips as he felt Hercs hands slip down the front of his jeans and brush across him. He didn't realize it until then, but he was hard. Why!?!? Herc wasn't stirring anything inside of Percy. Not like Annabeth had. Not even like Nico had when he kissed Percy.

Without warning, Hercs head slammed into Percys as something hard slammed into Hercs. He fell to the ground and Percy was left face to face with the person who had hit Herc. It was Nico.

"Are you okay?"

Percy was appalled that Nico would even dare ask a question like that.

"Did you not just see what that guy did to me? And you're asking if I'm okay? No! I'm not okay!"

A growl could be heard between the two and they both looked down to see Herc trying to stand. Nico hit him again and he fell back to the floor.

"Help me get him out of here."

Nico still wanted his help but helping Nico was the very last thing Percy wanted to do. Percy didn't move to help.


"Fine, but as soon as this is done, get me out of here!"

The son of Poseidon bent down and helped Nico lift the unconscious, heavy man off the floor and carry him to the car. They stuffed him in the trunk which was, surprisingly, big enough for the large man to fit into. Nico hog tied and gagged him and duct taped his mouth as well as threw a bag over his head just because he wanted to make sure all the bases were covered.

Nico climbed back into the car and drove a few miles to a bar and dragged the man back out of the car and into the building. He asked for Percys help but he didn't want to get out of the car. Nico managed to get him to leave the vehicle and promised that he didn't have to take a part in what came next, even though he had kind of planned him into it.

The bar was empty and Nico convinced Percy to lock and barricade the doors so he could get to work. He plopped Herc into a chair and tied him to it and then the bar before pulling the bag from his head and the gag from his mouth. He figured Herc wouldn't be one to scream or make a scene.

The first thing Herc really focused on was Percy. He was a little confused to see him there but the situation hit him pretty quickly.

"Did you trick me?"

"Shut up. Yes, he did."

Percy hung his head and took a few steps backwards.

"Hey, we're not here for you to be upset because you got tricked by a cute guy. We're here so you can answer a few questions for me."

Herc never took his eyes from Percy. They were burning holes in him. He was about ready to just leave.

"Look at me!"

It took a second but Hercs eyes finally turned to Nico. He pulled a zippo out of his pocket and waved it back and forth in front of Herc. The large man visibly tensed.

Nico flicked the lighter open and struck it, sending a flame emanating from the top. Herc tensed a little more and Nico chuckled.

"This is gonna be fun. So, tell me, where's The Manticore and Typhon? I know you're working with them. I know you know where they are. Tell me and the fire goes away."

Herc smiled. That was the last expression Nico expected to see on the mans face. He was shocked. This guy was afraid of fire like Nico was afraid of large crowds of people and here he was, smiling. It was nerve racking. It made Nico think Herc had something up his sleeve. Something big. Something messy. He never moved and tried to make it seem like Hercs actions hadn't effected him but he was thinking up a storm about it.

"I was told I would be able to expect more out of you. This is a shame. I was looking foreward to meeting the guy I was told was the only one who had a chance to take me down. And, here you are, nothing more than a kid, holding a lighter to my face and shaking in your boots. And to add insult to injury, you had to have help. That kid over there, he said his name was Don but I really doubt it, he's a tease. You're lucky to have him on your side. Anyway, let's get down to business. You want to know about the Manticore and Typhon. They know who you are.They know you have a friend. And, now, they know where you are. You screwed up, kid."

Nico tried to stay composed. He shook his head. "No one knows where I am."

Herc chuckled. It was sickening to see and hear. The man was tied to a chair and his life was being threatened and he found the whole situation amusing. The guy was twisted.

That's when the pounding on the doors started. Percy had barricaded them closed but, if the people on the other side where anything like Herc, a few tables and chairs and a lock wouldn't keep them out.

Nico turned to Percy. "Get out of here. There's a back door. Go!"

Percy didn't move. He didn't know what was gonna happen but this was not what he wanted. The whole thing had already happened so fast and he thought he had done a pretty good job thinking up a way to make things work. But, now, he wanted out more than he had before.

Nico groweled and pulled a knife from the back of his pants before twirling it him hand. He went to stab Herc with it but the large man slammed his head into Nicos and sent the kid stumbling backward a little. Nico dropped his blade and Herc broke the zip tie around his left ankle. Nico stood and grabbed his blade from the floor before turning to Percy and grabbing his hand. He pulled him toward the back of the building, stumbling over beer cases, so they could leave through the back door.

As soon as the door was open, the two were bolting outside to run down the street. The car was around the block a little ways and Nico knew they risked being seen if they ran to it. He prayed that the other men were already in the bar so he wouldn't actually have to worry about that.

Nico never let go of Percys hand for fear that he might loose the son of Poseidon and he would get caught and hurt. By that time, Hercs 'back up' had gotten into the bar and untied him and were close to the back door. Nico kept tugging on Percys hand for him to follow faster. Percy hadn't ran in three years and his body was aching from the lack of exercise even if his mind didn't know three years had passed. He pushed himself to run as he heard the back door of the bar slam open into the wall. He could hear angry shouting and cussing, and it was getting closer.

Nico and Percy rounded the corner to see the car. A burst of energy pushed them to get to it quickly. Of course, Nico had locked it so when he went to open the door, it didn't budge. He buried his hand in his pocket in search for the keys. He had been in sketchy situations like this before but then it was only his life in danger. Now, Percy was involved.

Nico managed to dig the keys out with shakey hands and get the door unlocked, with multiple attempts. Percy was freaking out and shouting for him to hurry. It didn't help. At all. As Hercs friends rounded the corner, Percy was opening the door. He went to climb in when the first shot was fired. Nicos first instinct was to move faster and climb into the car. Percy, on the other hand, panicked and ducked down beside it. A few more bullets blazed through the air as Nico was screaming for Percy to get in the car.

Percy couldn't move. He was kneeling on the ground with his hands gripped tightly to his ears. Everything was so loud. Nico climbed over the center console and reached out of the car to grab Percys arm. He pulled him up and dragged him into the car. The bullets kept going and one broke the back window, another a light, and a third, forth, and fifth tore into the metal of the trunk. Plenty missed as the men were taking large steps to reach the car.

Percy felt a hot pain in his back and let out a yell. Nico was cussing angrily but the words were incoherent to Percy. His ears buzzed as he began to feel something hot flowing down his side.

Nico pulled Percy into the car and drove off like a mad man, the door slamming shut from the movement. He started shouting Percys name. Percy could hear but he couldn't respond. His head was spinning and an intense pain was spreading through his body starting in his torso. His eyes started to go blurry and he felt like his head was totally empty. He could no longer hear anything and it felt as if his body was weightless. That's when everything went totally black.


Percys eyes opened slowly. He felt as if he had been hit by a train. He ached everywhere and he was super dizzy. He had an odd taste in his mouth and, when he tried to sit up, he realized that he was strapped down. He tried to call out for someone but no one was there. His voice was scratchy and hurt like he had been sick for days. He didn't know where he was and everything looked really unfamiliar. Fear struck him once again as he remembered what he could. He recalled Herc and what had happened with him. He remembered a bar and some guys pounding on a door. He remembered running with Nico and loud noises ripping through the air. Then he remembered pain, and that was all.

Being strapped down kept him from moving and just made him worry even more about the situation. Had Herc taken him? What about those other guys that came into the bar? Had they taken him? Is that why he didn't know where he was? Why was he strapped down? Why did he hurt everywhere? Where was Nico?

He kept trying to move and break his bonds but, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't get free. His voice was scratchy but he let loose a yell that hurt his ears. A yell of anger and of fear. Out of everything that had happened in the time since he came from the Lotus, this was the worst. Once the yell had left his lips, the tears started. He wanted to go home. It was unfair that all of this was happening.

Through his sobs, he could hear a door opening and a set of footsteps. He tensed and the pain radiating throughout his body intensified. He prepared himself for whatever was to come next, no matter what it was. The footsteps grew closer and closer still and he tried to slow his breathing to make it seem like he wasn't awake. The person laid something down on the table next to him and sat on the edge of the bed. He felt a hand on his arm and he had to fight with all of his being not to react. The hand slid very carefully up his arm to his sholder and caressed is softly with the tips of its fingers before moving to his neck. He still did everything in his power not to move or let his breathing pace falter. The fingers stroked across his cheek gently and he could feel something very close to his face but he didn't know what it was.

Percys eyes shot open and, above him, he saw a face. A face he recognized. Nicos face. Nico pulled his head back as fast as he could.

"You're awake." His cheeks turned a little darker and he stood from the bed quickly. "How do you feel?"

Percy swallowed and shrugged. Even small actions like those hurt.

"Do you remember anything?"

Percys voice cracked when he responded. "A little."

Nico didn't say anything.

"Why do I hurt everywhere?" Percy cursed himself when he struggled but accomplished nothing. "And why am I strapped down?"

Nico gave Percy a puzzled look. "You were shot. I kept you strapped so you didn't move around too much."

Percy stopped moving and stared, wide eyed, at the younger demigod.

Nico took a step close to him. "Percy?"

Percy just silently stared.

"Percy? Did you hear me?"

It took him a second but he nodded.

Nico stood another step closer. "I'm gonna undo the straps, okay? Just try not to move around too much cause it'll hurt."

Percy gave him another soft nod and the son of Hades started to undo the straps that kept Percy still. As he worked, he spoke. "I managed to get the bullet out without you being too messed up inside. I used some water to heal you up but that doesn't mean it's still not gonna hurt like hell for a while."

Percy still said nothing.

"It's gonna be hard for you to get around for a few days and the pain will probably get worse before it gets better. We're gonna try to lay low for a while until you heal up enough to be able to move."

Percy nodded.

"I cleaned you up the best I could but there's still some blood and I can smell it on you, too. You should probably take a shower."

Percy nodded yet again and tried to sit up. Pain shot through his body again and he yelled out and dropped back down onto the bed.

The younger demigod sighed. "You shouldn't try to move too much on your own." Nico stood and put a hand behind Percys back and helped lift him off the bed so he could sit. He felt a shooting pain appear in his side and Nico gripped him tighter to keep him from falling.

Percy spoke in kind of a groan. "Where was I shot?"

"In your back. Towards your side."

Nico pulled Percy from the bed and held him up so he didn't fall. His legs felt overly weak and shakey.

Percy noticed around sweat had broken on his forehead. "How long was I out for?"

"A couple days."

He sighed and Nico helped him to the bathroom.

It took Percy quite a while to clean off the scent of blood that clung to his skin. He did his best to avoid the tender spot in his skin where the bullet entered but he had to clean it. The pain was unbearable. He let a few muffled whimpers leave his lips as he washed over the now closed wound.

When he managed to finally clean himself and climb out of the shower, he realized he had bigger problems to worry about: he couldn't move enough to get dressed. He tried, though, and put himself in a whole new world of pain. Bending over to pick up his pants was nearly impossible and another cry of pain left his lips.

*Knock knock.*

Percy turned his head quickly toward the door.

"You alright in there?"

"Yeah." His voice broke a little.

Nico tried to open the door but Percy had locked it.

"Percy, open the door."

"No!" Percy jumped to cover himself and cried out from the pain it caused.

Nico sighed. "I'm gonna help you get dressed. Just open the door."

"I don't need help." Percy spat.

Nico groweled. He had been shot before and he couldn't get around very well on his own. He knew Percy was in pain and he also knew that it wouldn't get any better if he refused to let someone help him. Nico had had someone there to help him and he was gonna pay it foreward with Percy.

"Do you have boxers on?"

Piper furrowed his brow. "...Yeah..."

"Good." Nico pulled a pin from his pocket and picked the lock on the bathroom door before pushing it open. Percy covered himself in a towel and shrieked when the door pushed open.

His words were coated with a whimper of pain. "Get out!"

"Give it up. I'm gonna help you get dressed and you're gonna let me."

"No!" Percy shook his head. "Im fine."

Nicos glare darkened a little.

Percy took a step back. He wasn't fond of the idea but he had a feeling Nico wouldn't take en no for an answer. He was too stubborn to.

Nico latched his hand softly onto the towel and pulled it away from Percy carefully,revealing the son of Poseidons boxers. Nico helped him dress with Percy making very few noises indicating pain and examined the healed skin.

"The water healed the outside but the damage on the inside can only be repaired by time. You're not gonna be able to much for a few days."

Percy groaned quietly. He knew that not being able to do much meant that he would have to depend on Nico, a lot. He did not want that.

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