The Angel's Apprentice

What if we could talk to an angel? What if we could learn to become one? Elijah's obsession with angels began as a child. Now that he is sixteen, he is trying to put that behind him, to leave the angels be whilst he concentrates on his exams. But they won't leave him be. What happens when a teenager, a human, becomes Chosen? Follow Elijah as he makes his transformation from normal to paranormal.


1. Foreword

What you know of angels (or what you think you know)

Some people would say to you that there are no such things as angels. Well, they said the same thing about aliens, and aliens used to mean foreigners, so technically, there are aliens all around us. What do you think of angels?


When asked, people would say they were nonsense.

But, tell me you have never felt someone watching you.

That breath on the back of your neck that makes your hair stand on end.

An unexplainable shiver.

The thing in the corner of your eye.


As long as there has been something in the corner of someone’s eye, there have been angels.


Angels live amongst you.

They follow your steps.

They are your shadows.

And I mean that completely literally.


You all have an angel. Not one you can see, but they’re there. They aren’t what you would think. You cannot simply die, and become an angel.

You have to be born one, come from a certain bloodline.

Then you are Chosen.


And, how do I know?

I am one.


I know what you must be thinking.

You’re lying. You’re the writer, you’re the person sat behind the screen. The one with their fingers on the keyboard, typing away furiously.


Well, you’d be right.

And wrong.


I was not the one writing, though I was part of the story.

This is the story of how an angel tried to teach one of you to become one of us.

And what he wrote about the experience afterwards.


I was Chosen. A long time ago.

I learned to become what I am without help.

I created the Angel Guild.

So that no angel would have to go through that alone.


I am the archangel.

This is my foreword.

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