Behind Closed Doors

Willow and her little sister Karen thought everything was going to be okay since their dad left them when they where 7 and their mom was finally getting her life together. Wrong. When Karen walks into a house at the end of their street and doesn't come out, Willow gets concerned for the ten year old. Willow decides to go inside and takes a look for herself. Willow has to find Karen before things change for the worse.


1. How


                                  "Karen! Come back!" Don't go in there. Your smarter then that Karen.  I try screaming at her, but she doesn't give up. That's what I think makes Karen special, but at this moment in time, that quality is not useful at all. I run as fast as I can and I feel my legs burning since I have been chasing her for what seems like an hour.  I feel like I might fall but I trudge on, panting, but still in my top speed. Karen stops at the door, a smile creeping across her face.

                      Karen, my mom,and I moved in about 5 years ago. Karen and I would walk down the street and every time we would pass this house we got the shivers. Yet, we were very interested on why that specific house looked so eerie.  That house has been abandond since we moved in and it hasn't changed one bit. It seems like every time we pass the house, Karen builds up the courage to actually get in a 5 feet radius of the house. I never thought she would make to the doorstep without breaking down in to that heaving, crying thing that she usually does when she watches a scary movie or something.  I mean, what could a poor house do that we couldn't handle? We are tough for our age, but I honestly think that this house is out to kill. I know that when I told this to Karen she said, "Willow, I mean this in the nicest way possible, you are one CRAZY girl!" I gave her the " don't sass me" look that mom always gives us when we ask her if she has been partying all night. Mom was never the " I will love you and cherish you for the rest of my life" kind of mom. She was more like the " I am gonna kill you if you say that again or you will regret it for the rest of your life!" kind of mom. I was basicly the mom when real mom was drunk or not home. my dad left us when we I was seven. I loved dad and mom when they were together, but when dad left, everything went down hill. Now mom is trying really hard to get it straight, but we all know how THAT'S going to turn out. 

                                              Karen looks back and says the words that almost killed me. "Bye Willow, I love you and what ever happens, I will always." She turns the knob and disappears behind the door. " Karen, No!"  I collapse on to the concrete sidewalk, tired and scared. I curl up into a ball and start sobbing, letting everything go.

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