1. Ferguson

239 Years old

Your history reeks of murder

White and blue flags splattered with black blood in lines of execution

You are proud of your flag and the free.

Free are the whites living in the lofts of New York City

Criminals are the population of ferguson

Walking home at night to red and blue lights

They never leave them be. The broken windows lead to shattered lives

The barrel of the gun shoots bullets of genocide

This is a new form of slavery

Twelves years and scared

Twelve lashes in the front until he fell down

The town of Ferguson now under siege.

The cry of murder unleashes riots in the streets

Curfews remind them of prison cells

What a fucking joke to treat these people like piss

I wonder what your President would have to say about this.

Baltimore follows in your footsteps

Equality screams fill protests

Too many have fallen for the sake of the "Law"

In the name of equality there will be more.

The streets are a blaze in Baltimore

Youth are crazed in Baltimore

Property can be replaced in Baltimore

But Freddie Gray's eyes will never again see the streets of Baltimore !

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