and I wasn't keeping count

I had a fucked up year in 2014 and this is a summary of it. I kept coming back and adding major events after I wrote the initial poem so it's a bit choppy.


1. Twenty-Fourteen

Twenty-Fourteen, Still sixteen

1,225 days away from being two decades.

Five months of messed up and confusing love

forty-eight hours of crafting lust.

Countless nights of drowning in blood,vomit and tears,

and we aren't even half way through the year.

Two weeks trapped inside whitish grey walls

and barred windows.

Two months spent in an intoxicated pilled up haze

somewhere in there was my seventeenth birthday.

Coming back to life after six months. 

Moved in with dad so far been three months.

Certain number of days 'til school's done.

Ninety-eight hours until the snow comes.

Three weeks today with my falling love.


Seven Months down and four months to go

so far......

Fourteen days until the years done. 


Fired from my job and got a new one.

Now twenty-fifteen has come.

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